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 Volume 11


Highlights of this issue:
  Learning stats implicitly
  A spreadsheet to compare groups
  Journal impact factors

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Report on the annual ACSM meeting in New Orleans.

Good blog: Science of Sport. Slick podcasts: Strength-Power Hour. More...
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 In Brief

Editorial: Blogs and Podcasts. New i-tricks for sport scientists. Aug 20
Tutorials on R-Stats. Learn this powerful free package. Nov 11
Update: Finding Out What's Known. Religious texts slammed
. Aug 20
Concerns about opinion polls, blogs, Wikipedia
. Nov 26
Update: Sample Size.
4x more for individual differences. Nov 20

A Spreadsheet to Compare Means of Two Groups, with a covariate.
Dec 15


Betaine, Hyperventilation, Hyperimmune Egg Protein and Other Novelties for Performance at the 2007 ACSM Annual Meeting. Will Hopkins. Performance enhancement in New Orleans, May 30-June2. June 15
Stephen Seiler. June 15
The Tour de Journals 2007: Impact Factors in Exercise and Sport. Will Hopkins. An assessment of the latest ratings. Aug 9


What’s Behind the Numbers? Important Decisions in Judging Practical Significance. Greg Atkinson. A view on smallest worthwhile effects. Dec 10
  A Spreadsheet for Deriving a Confidence Interval, Mechanistic Inference and Clinical Inference from a P Value. Will Hopkins. An old resource updated with new insights about sample-based research. Dec 10
  Understanding Statistics by Using Spreadsheets to Generate and Analyze Samples. Will Hopkins. Implicit learning of all the important biomedical stats concepts. Dec 22

Recent issues: 2006 · 2005 · 2004 · 2003 · 2002 · Archive

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