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 Volume 12


Highlights of this issue:
  Conference reports: ACSM, AAESS, Pre-Olympic
  Journal impact factors 2008

Research designs: article and slideshow

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 In Brief

Editorial: Journal Copyright Policies. Good, bad and ugly. June 20.
Slideshow on Statistical Guidelines. A presentation at ACSM 2008
. June 20.
Update: Sample Size. Risk of an unclear outcome; new slides. June 20.
Sample-Size Commentary. Misconception explained. June 20.

Updates: Writing; clinical inferences. July 9. Controlled-trial spreadsheets; graphs in Office 2007. Oct 2. Compare/combine effects. Oct 31.


Polyphenol Supplements and Other Strategies for Athletes at the ACSM Annual Meeting. Will Hopkins. Performance enhancement in Indianapolis, May 28-31. June 20.

  Sports Nutrition and More at the 2008 AAESS Conference. Patria Hume and Carl Paton. "From research to practice" in Melbourne last March. Aug 19.
  The 2008 Pre-Olympic Conference on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport. Patria Hume, Stephen Kara, Liesel Geertsema and Celeste Geertsema. Highlights of five days in Guangzhou. Sept 25.
Olympian Impact Factors: Top Journals in Exercise and Sports Science and Medicine for 2008. Will Hopkins. An assessment of the latest ratings. July 20.
Research Designs: Choosing and Fine-tuning a Design for Your Study. Will Hopkins. An update and slideshow of the most popular resource at this site. July 23.

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