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 Volume 13


Highlights of this issue:
Comprehensive guide to statistics

Training programs of elite endurance athletes
Fourier analysis with a spreadsheet

Report on the annual conference of the
European College of Sport Science
 News and Comment

 In Brief

Editorial: Sportscience Reformatted and Revisited. History Makers and more. May  13.
Progressive Statistics Updated. Magnitude-based inferences and injury thresholds.
May  13, Nov 21.

The Second International Congress of Complex Systems in Sport. James Croft, Chris Button and Matt Dicks. Theory and practice of skills and strategies. May  19.
The 2009 Race for Impact by Journals in Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine, and Tom Reilly's H Index. Will Hopkins. The latest citation statistics. Jun 30. Updated Jul 7.
Sport Performance at the Oslo Conference of the European College of Sport Science. Will Hopkins. The latest training and other strategies. Jul 7.
Fourier Series Approximations and Low Pass Filtering. Steve Elmer and Jim Martin. Theory and spreadsheet for biomechanists. Mar  25.
  Progressive Statistics. Will Hopkins, Alan Batterham, Stephen Marshall, and Juri Hanin. Current best practice in data analysis and presentation. Nov 21.
The Improbable Central Governor of Maximal Endurance Performance. Will Hopkins. An overview of a recent debate in J Appl Physiol. May  4.
  Intervals, Thresholds, and Long Slow Distance: the Role of Intensity and Duration in Endurance Training. Stephen Seiler and Espen Tønnessen. Reconciling research and practice. Nov 9.
Steve Ingham. Nov 9

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