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 Volume 14


Highlights of this issue:
Report on
the Winter

Socrates & Plato on comparing measures
Theory & practice of linear models & effects
Worth visiting: Iñigo Mujika's Physiology & Training

Conference reports:
 Original Research

Effects of Hypotonic and Isotonic Sports Drinks on Endurance Performance and Physiology. Darrell Bonetti and Will Hopkins. Evidence that you can reduce carbohydrate but not salt. Sept 6
 News and Comment
Impact Factors of Journals in Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine for 2010. Will Hopkins. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research makes the biggest gain this year. Aug 4. Updated Sept 16 with two new journals.
Reflections on the 2010 Annual Meeting of the European College of Sport Science in Antalya, Turkey. Will Hopkins. An assessment of the conference logistics and the presentations on performance. July 27
Franco Impellizzeri. July 27
Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming XI: the 2010 International Symposium in Midsummer Oslo. Will Hopkins and Tom Vandenbogaerde. The latest swimming technologies and techniques. July 16
  Chocolate Milk and Other Strategies for Athletes at the 2010 ACSM Annual Meeting. Will Hopkins. Sports nutrition dominated this conference. June 24
  Who Won the Olympics? Stephen Seiler. The changing fortunes of the major medal-winners. Mar 25
Linear Models and Effect Magnitudes for Research, Clinical and Practical Applications. Will Hopkins. Theory and advice on data analysis and interpretation. July 30. Updated Sept 11 residuals plots and more generalized linear models; Aug 29 odds-ratio thresholds.
Alan Batterham. July 30
  A Socratic Dialogue on Comparison of Measures. Will Hopkins. Regression vs limits of agreement in Ancient Greece. June 26
  Assigning Subjects to Groups in a Controlled Trial. Will Hopkins. Spreadsheets to minimize differences between group means. May 15
Alan Batterham. June 26


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