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 Volume 15


Highlights of this issue:
Impact factors of our journals
Player actions in American football
Conference reports: ECSS, WCSF, ACSM
Best bloggers: Mujika, Tucker/Dugas

Report on the annual conference of the
European College of Sport Science
A Brief History of Endurance Testing in Athletes. Stephen Seiler. Who pioneered VO2max, anaerobic thresholds, and economy? Nov 22.
Frank Katch; Martin Buchheit, Will Hopkins. Nov 22.
 Original Research
Relationships Between Player Actions and Game Outcomes in American Football. Chris Cohea, Mark Payton. Identifying the actions that matter. Aug 2.
George Osorio. NFL rules and game statistics explained.Aug 2.
 News and Comment
In Brief
The Best Graphing Software. Solving the problems with Office. June 18.
Updates: sample size; clinical inferences; validity and reliability. Oct 6.
Athletic Performance Research at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Teenage European College of Sport Science in Liverpool. Will Hopkins. Philosophy, stiff shoes, psych talent ID and much more. Aug 2. Updated Aug 12.
  Football Science VII: the International Conference in Japan, 2011. Martin Buchheit, Will Hopkins. Links to the symposia on YouTube. July 3.
  Novel Training and Other Strategies for Sport Performance at the 2011 ACSM Annual Meeting. Will Hopkins, Dave Martin, Marty Knight. Exercise that wasn't medicine at this international conference. June 18.

Impact Factors of Journals in Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine for 2011. Will Hopkins. Sports Medicine reaches 5.1. July 3.
David Pyne. July 3.  


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