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 Volume 16


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International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport
Pre-Olympic Sport
European College of Sport Science
American College of Sports Medicine
 News and Comment
The 2012 World Congress on Performance Analysis in Sport. Will Hopkins, Rita Malcata, Sian Allen, Kirsten Spencer. The latest in measurement of athlete movements and actions. Oct 6.
Peter O'Donoghue. Oct 6.
  Reflective Practice for Athletes, Coaches and Sport Scientists at the 2012 Pre-Olympic Sport Conference. Will Hopkins, Sian Allen, Rita Malcata. Noteworthy for career development and no-shows. Aug 7.
Berries and Cherries at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the European College of Sport Science. Will Hopkins. Performance-based research at this top conference. July 26.
Update: poster PDFs now available for ECSS members.
Oct 5.
Inadequate Sample Sizes in Studies of Athletic Performance at the 2012 ACSM Annual Meeting. David Pyne, Will Hopkins. Featured hIghlights and noteworthy abstracts from San Francisco. June 12.

The Impact-Factor Olympics for Journals in Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine. Will Hopkins. Sports Medicine still on top with 5.2. July 1.


Bootstrapping inferential statistics with a spreadsheet. Will Hopkins. Useful for uncertainty in dose-response relationships. July 1.
Allan Batterham. July 1.


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