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 Volume 18


Highlights of this issue:
Magnitude-based Inference Under Attack
ECSS conference reports on sport science
and exercise science
Best bloggers: Tucker/Dugas, Mujika, Buchheit

The first mobile metabolic cart, featured in
Frank Katch's Exercise Physiology.
 News and Comment
In Brief
Exercise Physiology: The Last 2500 Years. May 18.
Magnitude-based Inference Under Attack. Nov 21.

Journal Impact Factors in Sports Medicine and Science for 2014. Will Hopkins. The rankings, and an improbable publication utopia. Nov 18.


ECSS 2014: Exercise Science around the Canals. Stuart Flint, Arwel Jones, Oliver Faude. Best of the non-athlete research at this top conference. Sept 18.

World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport X. Rita Malcata, Will Hopkins. New approaches in soccer and other sports. Sept 18.

The Second World Congress of Cycling Science. Carl Paton, Will Hopkins. A small conference to start the Tour de France. Sept 18.

The Best-Yet Annual Meeting of the European College of Sport Science. Sian Allen, Will Hopkins. High quality and quantity of sport research. Aug 28.

  Recovery Antagonized Training at the 2014 Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. Louise Burke, Jeni Pearce, Dave Martin, Will Hopkins. Several important novel effects on athletic performance. July 16.
  Performance Outcomes at the XII International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming.Will Hopkins, Sian Allen, Tom Vandenbogaerde. The leading edge for swimming and other sports. June 3.

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