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     This encyclopedia was originally to be edited by Tom Fahey and published in book form. When publication fell through, the Sportscience team agreed to publish the encyclopedia here. Soon thereafter Tom opted out of the project, and most authors did not want to revise their manuscripts for publication at this site. By this stage the articles were 4-5 years old, so we did not edit and publish them. The only articles that were revised appear below and in the frame on the left. Check Unpublished Articles for the list of articles that were not updated and for information about accessing them. For more information about the Encyclopedia, link to an earlier article in Sportscience News. 

ACL Injuries

Mervyn J. Cross

ACL Prostheses

Michael G. Dunn

Adaptation to Exercise: Progressive Resistance Exercise

Thomas D. Fahey

Adipose Tissue

Ann L. Albright and Judith S. Stern

Aging and Exercise

Roy J. Shephard

Altitude: Acclimatization to Intermediate Altitudes

Luanne F. Hallagan and Edwin C. Pigman

Anabolic Steroids

Thomas D. Fahey

Anabolic Steroids: Side Effects

Harm Kuipers

Ankle Acute Injuries

Karim Khan and Peter Bruker

Heat Acclimatization

Lawrence E. Armstrong

Jet Lag: Symptoms and Treatment

Thomas Riley

Testosterone and Reproductive Dysfunction in Endurance-Trained Men

Anthony C. Hackney

Training: Quantification in Competitive Sports

Will G. Hopkins

Last updated 6 May 2009