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     We've found that most submitted articles need extensive editing to improve their readability for the wide audience that accesses these pages. The time required to do this editing and the subsequent conversion to Web documents is not justified for most articles, which are already 4-5 years out of date. In any case, we do not have enough team members with time and skill to do the necessary editing of the hundreds of articles in a realistic period of time. So we've had to come up with a new policy.
     We've decided to publish only those articles that are updated and re-edited by their authors. To further improve the articles, we now also require the article to be reviewed by a colleague of the author.
This policy applies to all articles, including those we have already published.
     Authors will be contacted about this new policy. Meantime, we invite you to initiate the revision process. Here's what to do:
  • Find your article by clicking on this link. In the page that opens, scroll through the documents or use Find in the browser.
  • Click on your article to view/download it. The format will probably be the same as when you first submitted it, so you should be able to open it. Authors of already published articles will find their original plus our edited version.
  • Click on this link to view/download a template that you must use for your revised article. The template contains more instructions on how to write and format the article. The template is in Word6/95 format. If you do not have the software to open and use the template, contact your computer-support center.
  • Update the article and edit it carefully. If you can't write in a simple direct style, get help from someone with the necessary skill. If English is not your first language, get a fluent speaker of English to help, too.
  • Get a knowledgeable critical colleague to review the article for content and style. Make any reasonable changes s/he suggests. Include the reviewer's name near the top of your article, as shown in the template.
  • Email the revised, edited, and reviewed article in any Word format to the chief editor, Tom Fahey, who will decide whether the article is of sufficient standard and relevance for these pages.
  • Acceptable articles will be published in the order we receive them.
  • Some articles are on topics that are too specialized for this encyclopedia. There is also substantial overlap of material between some articles. If you have any doubt about whether your topic or content are suitable, contact Tom Fahey first. He may ask you to change the emphasis of your article.

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Last updated 14 July 98