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 Volume 5 · Number 1

  Jan-Apr 2001 

Jane Goodall and the sport scientist: news

Jan Immonen, a Finnish drug cheat: news

New site: nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport

Violation of assumptions and more in A New View of Statistics

Medline sites for searching for journal articles re-evaluated.
now index Sportscience articles in SPORTDiscus

 News and Comment

 In Brief

Jane Goodall: A Model for Sport Scientists · Training Contacts and Sites · Injury Contacts and Sites

 Sports Medicine

Doping Disaster for Finnish Ski Team, by Stephen Seiler. Six world-class athletes test positive for a banned plasma-volume expander.


Genes and Training for Athletic Performance, by Will Hopkins. Athletes are born and made.


Moving Together: Newsletter #29, by Ken Daley. Coaching resources, clinical calculations, substance abuse, sport-technology ethics, technology news...


 Endurance Training

Effects of High-Intensity Intermittent Training on Endurance Performance, by Christian Finn. All-out short bouts for long events.

 Research Resources

A Research Agreement for Students in Exercise and Sport Science, by Will Hopkins. A template for planning and monitoring projects.

  Informed Consent in Sport Science, by Steve and Amanda Olivier. Background info and forms for ethics applications.

 Original Research


Nutritional Intake Predicts Performance in an Ironman Triathlon, by Brendon Downey and Will Hopkins. An increase in fluid and food intake can cut race time by 5%.

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