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Jane Goodall: a Model for Sport Scientists
Training Contacts and Sites
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These aritcles reviewed by Gordon G. Sleivert, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton NB, Canada E3B 5A3.



David T. Martin, Department of Physiology, Australian Institute of Sport, Belconnen ACT 2617, Australia. Email: Sportscience 5(1),, 2000 (196+ words)

    As yet there is no textbook to instruct young sport scientists on how to do their job well. At the annual conference of Sport Science New Zealand last year, I gave a presentation on the role of sport scientists in the success of Australian athletes at the Sydney Olympics. As part of that presentation I identified what I believe to be the characteristics of sport scientists who work successfully with athletes. I used as my model the career of Jane Goodall, the world-renowned biologist who made a substantial impact on our understanding of chimpanzees. I believe the following characteristics of her work would help inspire young sport scientists to successful careers:

  • Early genuine interest
  • Formal academic training
  • Established mentor
  • Altruistic behavior
  • Opportunity to work in the field
  • Made mistakes
  • Patient persistence
  • Accepted into the group
  • Careful observations
  • Research not accepted by academics at first
  • Influenced but not limited by basic science
  • Eventually knowledge makes a positive impact

Download the slide show in Powerpoint 97/98 or pdf format.


Will G Hopkins, Physiology and Physical Education, University of Otago, Dunedin 9001, New Zealand. Email: Sportscience 5(1),, 2001 (424 words)

    Here's a summary of the responses to a request I sent to the Sportscience list for contact information that might be useful for anyone seeking help with their own training. An email address indicates the person contacted me and will field personal enquiries. There may also be email addresses for personal enquiries at some of the sites.


CYCLING (Chris Carmichael)





Below is a list of websites where I will answer specific training questions on cycle and triathlon training. Or, if people prefer, they can email me direct: (richard stern training) (articles)






ENDURANCE (Norrie Williamson)


Advice on [ultraendurance and endurance] training as well as news etc. at (John Hellemans)


I am happy to supply people with advice on training, especially in endurance events, via the Dr Global sports clinic It is not free, but the advice will be professional, original, and sound.



GENERAL (Vern Gambetta)


Gambetta Sports Training Systems: specializing in performance enhancement for all sports, focusing on building and rebuilding the complete athlete. (Andrés Esper)


I can answer questions about cycling, volleyball, and rugby. I have also trained and/or rehabilitated soccer and basketball players, dancers, and car and motorbike racers. I can answer in English, Spanish and Italian. (Rob Nicholson)


I train individuals and/or teams for Distance Running, Duathlons/Triathlons, Netball, Field Hockey, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming and Tennis. I also video and analyze technique.



MULTISPORTS, IRONMAN. DUATHLON, TRIATHLON (Roch Frey, Paul Huddle) (Joe Friel) (Rod Cedaro) (Troy Jacobson)

(Karen Smyers, Jurgen Zack, Cyle Sage, John Howard, Dr Romanov, Steve Tarpinian) (Ken Mierke, Eric Sorensen)



RUNNING (Shelly-lynn Florence Glover)


I may be consulted on non-elite runner issue for general road racing and marathon training. I specialze in training women, women runners over the age of 50, marathoners, 80+ year old marathoners (yes 80+), first-time marathoners, obese runners & undertrained runners. See also the New York Road Runners Club website For FAQs about running see (Peter Pimm)


Please add my website as a resource for the RUNNING category. There, folks can learn about my free newsletter, begun in April 1996. Additionally, I have answers to over 140 questions. (Hal Higdon) (Jeff Galloway)






SWIMMING (Haydn Wooley) (Terry Laughlin)


This site has a training page where you can choose your ability level, workout type and duration. See also the links to articles on technique



Will G Hopkins, Physiology and Physical Education, University of Otago, Dunedin 9001, New Zealand. Email: Sportscience 5(1),, 2001 (445 words)

    Injury is a fact of life for the professional or recreational athlete. Face-to-face consultation with an expert is probably the best way to deal with a sports injury, but the Net may be a source of a second opinion or alternative therapy. See below for a summary of responses to a request I sent to the Sportscience list asking for contacts or sites of professionals who are prepared to give advice to someone with an injury.
    But first, two respondents raised the important issue of risks of giving and receiving such advice when things go wrong. Ian Shrier pointed out that "once a physician answers a specific question from an individual, they have entered into a patient-physician relationship, with all the associated obligations and responsibilities. Any advice given can become the basis for a lawsuit." Jan Borms quoted a disclaimer in a health-related newsletter, of which he is co-editor: "This newsletter... does not contain medical advice. Consult your physician for individual problems. We cannot be responsible for eventual adverse use of this information." Should all providers of information of any kind issue this warning in our increasingly litigious society? (Brian J. Boyle PT, MS, CSCS)


I am a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist in the US. I host a forum on the website under the heading of injury prevention and rehab. I can usually reply to questions posted within 48 hours. (Giguere Martin)


I would be happy to answer the questions about injury, the rehab, etc. I am a physiotherapist with an interest in orthopedics. (Dr. Larry Feinman)


I am a chiropractor with a good working understanding of sports injuries. I would not mind if you directed people to me, and I will try to help answer any questions, or send them in the right direction.



Ask An Expert


This page at the Google site has 14 links to experts on medicine and health. Two of the most relevant links are:
Second Opinions with Dr. Z.
"Dr. Zeman treats patients of all ages and can give you a second opinion or discuss the best approach to many injuries and procedures."
Ask A Trainer
"Questions and answers provided by fitness expert Teresa Taylor-Dusharm." This site is apparently for health/wellness rather than athletic training.



American Running Association


A good site for running and some other sports injuries. (Contributed by Stephen M. Perle.)



Ateneos Medicos


This site, which originates in Argentina, has email links to doctors and therapists from soccer teams. They will answer in English or Spanish. (Contributed by Andrés Esper.)



Dr Global


This NZ-based site does not offer free advice. The fees start at ~US$18. (Contributed by John Hellemans.)


Published April 2001