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 Volume 5 · Number 3

  Sept-Dec 2001 

Clinical vs statistical significance: In-Brief item here, plus a spreadsheet in A New View of Statistics

Supplements, endurance Q&As, more: Gatorade Sports Science Center

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Zola Budd and Abebe Bikila,
former stars of barefoot running

 News and Comment

 In Brief

Clinical vs Statistical Significance · Qualitative vs Quantitative Research Designs · A Ban on Caffeine? · Editorial: Anti-Spamming Strategies. Will Hopkins
  Comment on Clinical vs Statistical Significance. Alan Batterham
Comment on Qualitative vs Quantitative Research Designs.
Keith Davids


Journal Impact Factors in Sport and Exercise Science, 1999-2000. The latest journal rankings, and an analysis of MSSE's rising impact. Will Hopkins


Moving Together: Newsletter #31. Clipart for exercise prescription, sport science newsletter, PE/sport discussion group, educational games, certificate creator, technology news... Ken Daley



Comprehension in the Informed-Consent Process. Subjects have to understand what they agree to. Steve and Amanda Olivier


 Training &

Barefoot Running. Some evidence of less injury and more speed without shoes. Michael Warburton

  Comment on Barefoot Running. Caroline Burge

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