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Will G Hopkins PhD

Department of Physiology and School of Physical Education,University of Otago, Dunedin 9001, New Zealand.

Sportscience 3(2),, 1999 (306 words)


Sportscience is now hosted by the International Sports Sciences Association. Based in the US, the site may now get more commitment from sport scientists. A new feature starting from this issue is pre-publication of draft articles for further peer review. We have also reformatted some earlier articles into a back issue of Sportscience.


New Host

Thanks to the efforts of Frank Katch and the generosity of theInternational SportsSciences Association, our site will shortly (end of July) be inNorth America. Dr Sal Arria, executive director of ISSA, is giving usfull technical support with no strings attached. Expect faster andmore reliable linking to our pages, and watch for enhancedfeatures.


Few suitable articles were submitted for the current issue. Thesite cannot survive in its current form without useful originalmaterial. Let's hope people will have more confidence in the site,now that it is based in the US. We need more commitment to thisendeavor from the sport-science community.

Pre-Publication of DraftArticles

In case you missed it, before this issue was published we provideda link to it from what was then the current issue (the Jan-Marissue). We invited readers to provide feedback to authors, who couldmodify their articles up to the date the draft issue was made thecurrent issue. It's an experiment in a kind of enhanced peer reviewthat print journals cannot offer. We'll put articles up in the nextdraft issue as they get accepted.


In the last editorial I announced our intention to reformat pastissues of Sportscience News into Volumes 1 and 2 of Sportscience.After publication some members of the Sportscience team had secondthoughts. Currently we have therefore reformatted only two pastissues into a draft October-December 1998issue of Sportscience (Volume 2, Number 4). The old articles willstay in place, so links to them will still work. Do you other sportscientists have any strong feelings on this issue?

New TeamMembers

Ron Maughan has joined the editorial advisory board, and MattKerner has joined the webmasters.

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Published July 1999