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An email-based sporadic publication of technology-related items for kinesiologists compiled by Ken Daley
The great American journalist and savant H.L. Mencken once observed:

"In the sciences, hypothesis always precedes law, which is to say, there is always a lot of tall guessing before a new fact is established. The guessers are often quite as important as the fact-finders; in truth, it would not be difficult to argue that they are more important. New facts are seldom plucked from the clear sky; they have to be approached and smelled out by a process of trial and error, in which bold and shrewd guessing is an integral part. The Greeks were adept at such guessing, and the scientists of the world have been following the leads they opened for more than two thousand years."

H. L. Mencken, "A Mencken Chrestomathy," 1982

KEN'S NOTE: An excellent, no frills, get in and get it, free data base for sport scientists, coaches and athletes. This is a definite to check out.

SPONET: a sport-science and training database. The database is produced and maintained by the Department Information and Documentation Sport at the Institute of Applied Training Science, Leipzig, Germany:

Here is an extensive collection of websites to help those who may be looking for jobs or changes in their current jobs. May your searches be fruitful and rewarding.

Dr Mel C Siff
Denver, USA




PHYSICAL ACTIVITY & RELATED CAREERS (Physical Activity) (Sports Careers) (Sports Jobs) (Athletic Training) (Academic Jobs) (Physical Education)


I have just created a new website called Scholarly Sport Sites: a Subject Directory which brings together websites for the academic enquirer, sport/kinesiology librarian and information professional. See website at:

Gretchen Ghent, Librarian Emeritus
University of Calgary Library, MLT 116F
(Chair, North American Sport Library Network &
VP, North Amer., Intl. Association for Sports Information)
2500 University Dr. NW
Calgary, AB Canada T2N 1N4
Tel: 403-220-6097 FAX: 403-282-6837
NASLIN Website:
Scholarly Sport Sites:

NEW SPORT JOURNAL ON THE WEB: Cyber-Journal of Sport Views and Issues

The department of sport management at Texas A&M University has recently started a student electronic journal called the Cyber-Journal of Sport Views and Issues. We are excited about this journal and believe that it will provide students with another research avenue. CJSVI will be published twice a year, with the inaugural issue coming in January of 2000.

We are currently seeking reviewers and submissions. Students interested in reviewing for the first issue should send a one-page vita to no later than September 15, 1999. Guidelines for reviewers and submissions can be found at the journal Web site:

Professors are encouraged to inform their students of this new and timely opportunity. We are excited about the journal and look forward to hearing from you.

Any inquiries concerning CJSVI should be sent to:
George B. Cunningham, Editor
Dept. of Health and Kinesiology
Texas A&M University

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

George B. Cunningham

FROM: Greg A. Gannon, PhD
Human Kinetic Publishers is developing a World Wide Web Information Gateway for the field of exercise physiology, entitled Physiology of Exercise and Sport Information Gateway. The gateway is an internet site where scholars, researchers, and professionals can go to get information about this exercise science discipline. The most important section of the gateway will be the News area, where visitors from around the world will find information about new research in the field, available grants, recent association activities, upcoming conferences, keynote presentations given at conferences, educational opportunities, and other items. Human Kinetics expects the new site to have a large audience.

As the North American Editor of this new information web site, I would like to invite you to submit information that you would like to have posted within the Physiology of Exercise and Sport Information Gateway. Please e-mail me at with your request.

To view the NEW WEB SITE, go to

Greg A. Gannon, PhD
Defence & Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 635-2000 x3076

Wanted to bring your attention to a new web site for bringing factual information and resources to athletes, patients, and the professionals that train & treat them.

articles are welcome in the following areas:

medical/physical therapy
motion analysis (applied, not research oriented)

Best Regards,

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FROM: NewsScan Daily, 23 August 1999 ("Above The Fold")

The renowned mathematician Norbert Wiener, who created the science of cybernetics (and coined the word to describe it), had great disdain for the fact that "people who have elected communication as a career so often have nothing more to communicate." In his 1950 book, "The Human Use of Human Beings," Wiener wrote:

"When there is communication without need for communication, merely so that someone may earn the social and intellectual prestige of becoming a priest of communication, the quality and communicative value of the message drop like a plummet... In the arts, the desire to find new things to say and new ways of saying them is the source of all life and interest. Yet every day we meet with examples of painting where, for instance, the artist has bound himself from the new canons of the abstract, and has displayed no intention to use these canons to display an interesting and novel form of beauty, to pursue the uphill fight against the prevailing tendency toward the commonplace and the banal...
"I speak here with feeling which is more intense as far as concerns the scientific artist than the conventional artist, because it is in science that I have first chosen to say something. What sometimes enrages me and always disappoints and grieves me is the preference of great schools of learning for the derivative as opposed to the original, for the conventional and thin which can be duplicated in many copies rather than the new and powerful, and for arid correctness and limitation of scope and method rather than for universal newness and beauty, wherever it may be seen."

From Norbert Wiener's "The Human Use of Human Beings: Cybernetics and Society":

Just in case some members of this group are seriously interested in other groups that discuss sports training, strength training, fitness, aerobics, physiotherapy and related fields of fitness and health, here are a few Internet discussion groups that you can join free.



Dr Mel C Siff
Denver, USA

FROM: NewsScan Daily, 9 September 1999 ("Above The Fold")

In a study reported in the science journal Nature, the University of Notre Dame physicist Albert-Laszlo Barabasi and his colleagues found that any two randomly selected Web pages are on average only 19 clicks away from one another. The researchers determined this by constructing algorithms that collected all the links on a Web page and then followed them to their destinations, and repeating the process over and over again. Why is this important? Steve Lawrence, a NEC Research Institute expert on search design, explains, "Knowing something about the topology lets you know how far you need to go to catch something that might be out there. The search engine companies are going to benefit from this kind of knowledge." (AP/San Jose Mercury News 9 Sep 99)

FROM: Edupage, 29 October 1999

IBM has developed flexible transistors that combine organic and inorganic materials for the first time. The technology can be embedded in curved surfaces or flexible materials, creating the potential for foldable electronic newspapers and computer screens that could unfold from handheld devices. The technology may also be useful in solar panels, making them easier to transport, said IBM researchers. The chips allow for flexibility by "self-assembling," solidifying from a liquid at low temperatures to form layers of organic and inorganic material with the necessary semiconducting capabilities. The combination of organic and inorganic materials may both lower production costs and increase performance, said IBM researchers. (New York Times 10/29/99)

UNL Seeks to Create Meta-Language of the Net 13 Oct 99 12:19 EST

The United Nations University is introducing a Universal Networking Language (UNL), which it plans to unveil at a symposium on 18 November in Brussels, Belgium. The technology allows for translation on the fly of 16 commonly used Earth languages. Using the technology, a user's native language is converted to UNL when transmitting data over the internet. When the individual on the receiving end gets the data, it is converted into their native tongue. The UNL acts as the intermediary translator and acts as Meta-language, similar to Star Trek's Universal Translator. The developers promise easy integration with present networking technologies and platforms and they claim the technology will most likely exist as a plug-in for browsers and add-ons to servers.


Daily Exercise For The Non Athletic

Calories can be burned by the hundreds by engaging in strenuous activities that do not require physical exercise.

Exercise........................Calories burned per hour

Beating around the bush.................75
Jumping to conclusions.................100
Climbing the walls.....................150
Swallowing your pride...................50
Passing the buck........................25
Throwing your weight around
(depending on your weight)..........50-300
Dragging your heels....................100
Pushing your luck......................250
Making mountains out of molehills......500
Hitting the nail on the head............50
Wading through paperwork...............300
Bending over backwards..................75
Jumping on the bandwagon...............200
Balancing the books.....................25
Running around in circles..............350
Eating crow............................225
Tooting your own horn...................25
Climbing the ladder of success.........750
Pulling out the stops...................75
Adding fuel to the fire................160
Wrapping it up at the day's end.........12

To which you may want to add your own favorite activities, including:

Opening a can of worms .................50
Putting your foot in your mouth........300
Starting the ball rolling...............90
Going over the edge.....................25
Picking up the pieces after.............350

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Ken Daley
Associate Professor
Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences
Maharishi University of Management
Fairfield, Iowa USA 52557
Member of the Internet Developers Association

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