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Will G Hopkins PhD

Department of Physiology and School of Physical Education, University of Otago, Dunedin 9001, New Zealand.


The deadline for the July-Sept issue passed without sufficient contributions for this site to continue as a high-quality journal. Several people have remarked that the site is too far ahead of its time, but I disagree. The Journal of Applied Physiology is already doing everything I was trying to achieve in an on-line journal. No, the main problem is that good researchers daren't submit their original research to a journal that doesn't have an impact factor.

What to do? Over the last few months I've received steady support to keep the site going. And I want to keep it going, because... well, it really is fun, in spite of all the stress and disappointments. So herewith is a more practical issue. The main focus of the site will now be research resources. I'll also put up conference reports and opinions on sport and exercise science. Full reviews and original articles may appear from time to time.

I still welcome contributions. My colleagues and I will review them to ensure a high standard. Read the Info for Authors, then contact me via or any of the other addresses you see at this site.

The site team now consists of a few people who will make semi-regular contributions in their areas of expertise. If you can write articles well, knowledgeably, and regularly, you may be a suitable person to join us. There is no obligation to submit your original research, but you will have to write several articles of some kind to demonstrate your suitability. Contact me for more information.

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