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Coaching Science Abstracts are edited and compiled by Brent S. Rushall, Ph.D., R. Psy. and B. Robert Carlson, Ph.D. San Diego State University. These abstracts interpret research articles for practising coaches and others interested in applied sport science. They are drawn from the personal files of the senior editor. Some dated articles are included because their content is still current. Most articles are interpreted for coaches of elite athletes and programs. The contents are changed monthly and may or may not be thematic. Between six and eight issues per year will be provided.

Coaching Youth Sports: An electronic newsletter for Coaches, Athletes, and Parents. The purpose of this newsletter is to present information about learning and performing sport skills. This information comes mostly from the motor skill learning and sport psychology areas of the sport sciences. While the primary focus will be on athletes in the 6-16 year age range, topics related to high school athletes may also be discussed. The content of the articles will not deal with specific sports, but will be more generalized so as to apply to a variety of sports. Readers are encouraged to submit questions for the Questions and Answers section.

The National Coaching Institute (NCI), located in Victoria and Calgary, is Canada's most comprehensive learning experience for high performance coaches.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (USA). is a favourite stop for information about college athletics and NCAA membership--from history to late-breaking news, initial eligibility to championships, administration to statistics.

Ultra Marathon World is an information service for athletes who run distances beyond the standard marathon of 42.195 kilometres. Material is for general use with credit to Ultramarathon

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