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Arbor Nutrition Guide ArborCom is a search site for nutrition information. It has specific links for clinical nutrition, applied nutrition, food sciences, as well as other related topics. A home page link provides visitors with access to universities, organizations, and private groups in the field of nutrition. ArborCom also offers a weekly e-mail update of new sites added to the database.

The Department of Genetics & Molecular Medicine - Emory University School of Medicine has an excellent list of resources including MedWeb an extensive sports medicine resource page. The site also includes numerous electronic resources for electronic publications, anatomy, embryology, physiology, and nutrition departments at universities world-wide, software, and atlases and related educational resources as well as tables of contents to electronic journals, including APStracts, a weekly on-line notice of current research scheduled to be published in the journals of The American Physiological Society.

Dietetics On-Line is an international networking organization of nutrition and dietetic professionals. Its home page features professional and international Internet links, an online journal, dietetic discussion groups, and other resources of interest to nutrition professionals.

Dr. Squat's home page has many articles featured and archived, and features a very popular Q&A and free bookles on nutrition and training for every sport on and off the planet.

Essays in Sports Science - These essays are aimed at anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the human body particularly in relation to improving physical performance and maintaining health.

HealthWeb provides organised access to evaluated non-commercial, health-related, Internet-accessible resources.

Healthy Weight This site, which is operated by Knoll Pharmaceuticals, features a plethora of weight management information such as journal articles about obesity, articles from consumer magazines discussing weight management strategies, and an archive of published material including government reports. An interactive Body Mass Index calculator lets visitors estimate their present condition.

In Jean Fremont's Nutrition Food Science and Culinary Arts Page - Simon Frasier University, you will find a good list of quality nutrition links, including some nutrition software and other web tools.

Lifetrak contains a lot of useful nutrition related links.

MediLife This site showcases MediLifes software for managing weight and diabetes nutritional issues. It also includes content analysis for more than 16,000 foods. A VO2max calculator lets visitors estimate their maximal oxygen consumption ability based on the time for a mile run.

MedMarket: Nutritional products listing <> This commercial "alternative" nutrition site offers information about herbal nutritional products and links to other Web sites.

NutriBase Interactive On-Line Nutritional Information Database offers an interactive on-line database of more than 19,000 food items and their associated nutrient information, including approximately 3,160 menu items from 71 restaurants. It also provides calorie requirements and weight-loss calculators, "desirable" weight and body fat content charts, a directory of 1,300 food and supplement makers, food substitution listings, and a glossary of foods and cooking terms.

The United States Department of Agriculture has a very interesting home page: The Nutrient Data Laboratory containing data sets that can be downloaded to your computer and used in your programs. Some of the data sets available are the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference - Release 11, Nutritive Value of Foods (HG-72), Sugar Content of Foods, the USDA Nutrient Database for Food Consumption Surveys (and data sets used to create it: Primary Nutrient Data Set, Recipe Files, and Nutrient Retention Factors) and data sets based on tables of special interest. The site also has useful links to other food composition pages.

The Nutrition Pages includes an open forum section, The Official Answers of Sci. Med. Nutrition To Frequently Asked Questions About Diet and Nutrition, and a few nutrition related links.

TAEX Human Nutrition Information Files is a searchable database of nutritional info from Texas A&M.

The Training-Nutrition mailing list is a forum for hard-core natural bodybuilders and other serious amateur (and professional) athletes to discuss the nutritional issues connected with training.

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