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Cell Movement Page at University of Vermont. is a new WWW site being constructed at the University of Vermont Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics which will house information related to the contractility and motility of muscle and non-muscle cells.

The CELL "Open Forum" provides a discussion forum in which issues and questions can be discussed . The Open Forum allows students to work interactively on physiology problems.

The Copenhagen Muscle Research Center provides information about various topics in muscle physiology.

The Department of Genetics & Molecular Medicine - Emory University School of Medicine has an excellent list of resources including MedWeb an extensive sports medicine resource Page. The site also includes numerous electronic resources for electronic publications, anatomy, embryology, physiology, and nutrition departments at universities world-wide, software, and atlases and related educational resources as well as tables of contents to electronic journals, including APStracts, a weekly on-line notice of current research scheduled to be published in the journals of The American Physiological Society.

The Dept. of Medical Physiology at Texas A&M University Health Science Center has an excellent Digital Image Library, a Videomicroscopy Library, and Computer Simulations of Physiological Processes.

Essays in Sports Science - These essays are aimed at anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the human body particularly in relation to improving physical performance and maintaining health.

HealthWeb provides organised access to evaluated non-commercial, health-related, Internet-accessible resources.

Masters Athlete Physiology and Performance Runners, Rowers, Cyclists, Swimmers, Cross Country Skiers, welcome to the MAPP! This is a high content site dedicated to examining and explaining the physiology and training methods of the endurance athlete. This site will focus on masters athletes, or those athletes who compete in age group sport. Contributions are not only encouraged, but critical to the volume and quality of information that the MAPP will provide.

Mike Reedy's Muscle Database. The main topics covered include Tannin chemistry, fibrous protein structure and methods, general protein structure and methods, Dystrophin and Duchenne's (DMD), Vanadate, Calpain, proteases, calcium biology and insulin action.

The MUSCLE Home Page at BRANDEIS has a lot of links of interest to people in the muscle field. Link contains specific information about a coiled coil prediction program for the Mac, and links to software at other sites and to servers that allow a person to do coiled-coil prediction from protein sequences over the web.

At The National Sports Medicine Institute of the United Kingdom you will find details of the work of The National Sports Medicine Institute (NSMI) and information about sports medicine and exercise physiology.

The Neuromuscular Physiology Lab at the University of California is a part of the Departments of Orthopaedics and Bioengineering and the Biomedical Sciences Group. The site includes an introduction to muscle physiology, a general overview of the lab, a directory of people in the lab, current projects, recent conferences and some abstracts as well as a list of related links.

Neurosciences on the Internet. Neurosciences on the Internet contains a searchable and browsable index of neuroscience resources available on the World Wide Web and other parts of the Internet. Neurobiology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology, cognitive science sites and information on human neurological diseases are covered.

Of Scientific Interest is a web site that provides access to Physiology information.

Physiology Online The Journal of Physiology - Abstracts. Other useful links to department servers world-wide, learned societies and sources of information are also available.

Sport Science Subject page, at Claremont College, Australia, includes topics and links on physiology, psychology and motor behaviour.

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