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An e-mail based sporadic publication of technology-related items for kinesiologists complied by Ken Daley.

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FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 10 Jun 1997
Medical Search Engine

http://www.medsite.com: The premier medical search engine.

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 13 May 1997
Medline Resources Online

Several people on Nettrain pointed me to Medline as the premier source for medical research on the Net. I thought that perhaps other listmembers would like to know that there is a guide to Medline Resources online at:
and an excellent Medline Comparison table at: http://www.medmatrix.org/info/medlinetable.html

The latter compares numerous facets of the various Medlines on the Web, including fees, registration process, query options, novice/expert level, full text access etc.

The highest rank Medline, which is FREE even for full text retrieval and with immediate access to a comprehensive database (ranked as expert level, and providing related links) is: NCBI Pub Medline Retrieval system


Avicenna Medline is also immediate and free, even for full text retrieval - http://www.avicenna.com

Three other high ranked Medlines, also free with immediate access but with a minimal fee for full-text retrieval are:

HealthGate Medline: http://www.healthgate.com/HealthGate/MEDLINE/search.shtml
Helix Medline: http://www.HELIX.com/
PhyNet: http://medline.phynet.net/plweb-cgi/fastweb.exe?viewform

Hope this is helpful to many....

Tracy Marks, M.A. tmar=AT=tiac.net tracy=AT=marks.net
Windows 95 manual and weekly tips Web search resources, reviews, guides Web wisdom articles NOW OPEN! Webwinds webcams http://www.geocities.com/~webwinds

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 28 Apr 1997
15-Minute Internet Training Modules

DGL has posted a series of free Internet training modules that each require less than 15 minutes to complete. Topics include:

Internet History
What was the ARPANET?
How did the National Science Foundation begin its Internet involvement?
The Basics
What is TCP/IP?
What is email?
What are newsgroups?
Electronic Mail
What are mailing lists?
What is a search engine and what can it do for me?
What is a protocol?
What is the web?
What can I find on the world wide web?
Internet Organizations
What is the Internet society?
Who is the InterNIC?

These and dozens of other topics are included in a series of free training modules. The series is available from a hypertext link on DGL's website: http://www.dgl.com/
DGL publishes Training Express(tm) brand computer learning guides in both print and electronic formats; information is posted at http://www.dgl.com/te/

Did you know that DGL helps organizations make better use of the Internet? Instant Internet securely connects 50 LAN users to a single Internet access account, visit http://www.dgl.com/instinet.html Our weekly website activity reports offer 25 pages of demographic information about the visitors to your website, see http://www.dgl.com/webrpt/

If you'd like to advertise in DGLINFO or at DGL.com, read http://www.dgl.com/ad.html. DGLINFO is an electronic publication of Damar Group, Ltd. Publisher of Training Express computer learning guides. Comments and submissions to info=AT=dgl.com. For a DGLINFO subscription, email majordomo=AT=softaid.net with a 1-line body: SUBSCRIBE DGLINFO [Internet-email-address]. Previous issues are in the "News & Tips" section of our website: http://www.dgl.com/

A New Educational Sports Site: SPORTS MEDIA

Take a look at http://www.ping.be/~ping7330/ Only quality links to different sports topics. Have you a question about sports? Drop it here...and visit our Forum "Ask your Question".

Especially we are interested in the item "Add your Question" : The goal of this item : starting with a international forum about sports. Questions and proposals about sports are welcome! Take contact with Guy Van Damme, secretary of Sports Media via e-mail Guy.VanDamme=AT=ping.be

K12 Sport! Science


Sport! Science examines the science behind the most popular team & recreational sports. It contains features with professional athletes & information about the Sport! exhibition at the Exploratorium.

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 20 Jun 1997 - Special issue
The Complete High School Sports Web Page


As far as I've seen, this is the ONLY high school sports page that has everything. We've got scores, stats, and pictures of everything!

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 12 Jun 1997
Soccer America Online

http://www.socceramerica.com/ Premier US soccer website updated daily

FROM: Edupage, 17 June 1997
Internet Use Leveling Off

The number of new Internet users appears to be stabilizing, with growth rates hovering at less than 5%, according to a demographics study released last week by the Georgia Institute of Technology. According to Tech's survey, the number of users is now around 30 million -- that's a good bit lower than Nielsen's recent estimate of 50 million. "What brought people online were all the different service providers really gearing up," says a Tech researcher. "We don't know whether it will pick up again. There hasn't been that much change of the last three surveys." (Tampa Tribune 16 Jun 97).

Major Upgrade of Free Reference Lists

Pleased to announce that we've upgraded the following folders:

08 Sport and economics
09 Sport law
15 Economic impacts
17 Sport and anthropology
18 Ecotourism/tourism and the environment 24 Sport marketing
26 Sport and religion/ritual
27 Judo
28 Psychosocial benefits of exercise

We also added #14, Sport subcultures. We shall soon be upgrading tourist roles and several other folders, and adding some new ones.

Also please note that we have moved to PLAYLAB, a faster server. The new address for FREE REFERENCE LISTS is: http://playlab.uconn.edu/frl.htm.

This service is provided by the Laboratory for Leisure, Tourism & Sport at the Univ. of Connecticut.

Andrew Yiannakis, Ph.D.
Professor & Director, Laboratory for Leisure, Tourism & Sport, University of Connecticut
Yian=AT=ix.netcom.com, Yian=AT=uconnvm.uconn.edu

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 10 Jun 1997 - Special issue
NetSports Pro Interactive

New Sports Magazine-type site! Ready with current Sports related stories, the best Sports Links, Chat, Discussion groups, and Sports Books from the Bestseller listings. Everything in Sports!

Lifestyle Palmtop Computer

You might be interested into looking at a new product, LifeTrack. I believe it will be out in August. LifeTrak is a sophisticated palmtop computer that enables people to easily monitor their health and fitness. Users track calories, cholesterol and the nutritional values of what they eat... Turn your browser to http://www.lifetrak.com.

Victor Katch

Physical Education Software

Just want to let everyone know that the 1997 edition of the SOFTSHARE catalog is now available with over 100 new programs related to physical education. For information please contact me at: sallya=AT=csufresno.edu

Sally Ayer sallya=AT=csufresno.edu
WSPECW President, Dept. of Kinesiology, California State University =AT= Fresno

FROM: Edupage, 29 June 1997

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp., based in San Diego, has developed a new process to build ultrathin silicon chips on a base of pure sapphire. Unlike semiconductor bases, the sapphire layer is nonconductive -- no electricity can pass through, meaning that radio frequency and logic circuits that previously had to be built in separate chips in order to avoid interference, can now be packed side-by-side on a single chip. The company predicts its new chips will lead to cheaper satellites and mobile phones, not to mention the advent of tiny portable communicators, such as Dick Tracy-style wristwatch phones. (Business Week 30 Jun 97) http://www.businessweek.com

FROM: Edupage, 11 May 1997

Reflective liquid crystal displays, which use ambient light to reduce power consumption and extend battery life, have up until now produced somewhat washed-out-looking images, with poor contrast between color and brightness. But now Toshiba, Sharp, Matsushita and others both are making advances in producing thin, light-weight panels that use less power than conventional displays, and industry experts say reflective-LCD quality will soon reach "newspaper level" -- defined as a 5:1 contrast ration and about 60% reflectance. A professor at Tohoku University predicts that reflective LCDs eventually will become the screen of choice because of their superior readability. (TechWire 11 May 97)

FROM: Edupage, 22 June 1997

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University envision a huge multimedia database that could store minute-by-minute details of your waking life, all packed on a hard disk the size of a quarter. "Your great-great-grandchildren will be able to ask your database about your life and times," says Dr. Raj Reddy, dean of the School of Computer Science. As hard-drive prices plummet, "storing all your visual experiences during your 5,840 waking hours per year, including all your creative expressions, will soon cost less than $1,000," predicts the director of CMU's new Human Computer Interaction Institute, who predicts that in about 15 years, storage costs will fall to about $50 for 100 years of life. Meanwhile, making computers think more like people is the goal of the new Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition: "Every man, woman and child will soon be using information technology as an integral part of their daily lives," says Reddy. "So we're spending intellectual capital to understand how to make IT like driving a car. Most people drive, yet they don't care much about how the engine works. Whereas 90 years ago, you had to be your own mechanic." (Business Week 23 Jun 97)

FROM: Edupage, 3 July 1997

Industry observers say Hewlett-Packard's entry into the digital camera market is a back-door approach aimed at turning its gear into the "home digital darkroom" of the future -- promoting its printers as the replacement for old-fashioned film developing. Next year, HP will debut a printer that can download pictures directly from a digital camera -- no PC needed -- and future plans call for a "digital mailbox" specially designed to zap photos and other images to your friends and loved ones via the Internet. "It will fundamentally change the way people think about photography," says HP CEO Lewis Platt. Kodak CEO George Fisher responds, "I find the idea that HP is somehow going to take over photography somewhat humorous. People know what a Kodak moment is, but an HP moment? I don't think so." (Business Week 7 Jul 97)

FROM: Edupage, 6 July 1997

Working together with colleagues at Russia's Ioffe Institute and the University of Virginia, a professor of solid-state electronics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has developed a prototype chip that transmits signals as waves, rather than packets of electrons. The process is analogous to the way that sound travels through the air on waves rather than as clumps of sound-carrying molecules. This so-called "plasma-wave" technology could boost the speeds of microprocessors well into the gigahertz range, and enable sensors of such extreme sensitivity that they could detect the molecular vibrations of specific substances, such as explosives. (Business Week 7 Jul 97)

This publication is a collection of bits and bytes that I assemble as I wander about on the Internet. If you have notes to share send them to me.

Moving Together is not an official publication of Maharishi University of Management. It is nothing other than a personal try to share / create a collective wisdom in the area of technology as it impacts professional Kinesiologists.

Ken Daley
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Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences
Maharishi University of Management
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