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Subject: Everest Climb On Line

KEN'S NOTE: I feel this a wonderful example of the integration of Exercise Physiology and Technology. Enjoy following the action!

AT&T Creates First-Ever Telemedicine Network Between Mount Everest and the United States; Network To Provide Live-Video Telemedicine Sessions From the Highest Point on Earth.

Video clips from Mount Everest will be recorded and edited for viewing at http://www.att.com/everest, the AT&T Mount Everest Web Site, along with other medical and non-medical data regarding the climb. Medical data, global positioning data and pictorial archives will be sent to the MIT Media Lab to be analyzed before selected data will be sent to AT&T for posting to the Mount Everest Web Site. Other Everest Internet links are:

MIT Media Lab Everest Results: http://www.everest.org
Climbing Team News: http://www.mountainzone.com
USA Today Dispatches: http://www.usatoday.com/life/everest

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 30 Mar 1998
Subject: Guidelines for citation styles

Try this website: http://www.tcom.bsu.edu/tcom101/citing.htm It sends you to MLA, APA, and other accepted citation styles. They have all adapted to the use of electronic resources.

Subject: Fitness/Health website

KEN'S NOTE: Very nice interface, well constructed. For some quick calculations their Java based calculators work very well. Not a lot of depth of content at this site but worth a look.

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 23 Mar 1998 - Special issue (#1998-201)
Subject: PHYS: in Fitness and in Health

This is one of the best fitness/health websites I've seen.

Robin Nobles
Robin's Nest for Writers and Web Surfers

Subject: TARGET:CIA World Factbook

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 24 Mar 1998 to 25 Mar 1998 - Special issue (#1998-207).
The 1997 CIA World Factbook is now on the net and they withdrew the 1996 version. The URL for the CIA Factbook is now: http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/index.html

Jim Neal
Library Media Specialist/District Grant Writer
Park Hill High School
7701 NW Barry Rd
Kansas City, MO 64153
Webmaster: LM_NET On the Web

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 27 Mar 1998 - Special issue (#1998-214)
Subject: FREE Sports Schedule Software

Sports Schedule Pro is now FREE! You can now have all of the sports schedules right on your desktop! Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Football. All of the schedules for all of the teams in all four major sports.

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 25 Mar 1998 (#1998-209)
Subject: International Judo Federation


Welcome to the Official Web Site of the International Judo Federation including news, information, results, rules, and more!

FROM: Edupage, 22 February 1998

Freshmen entering the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2000 will be required to have laptop computers. Students can either bring their own laptop (if it meets proper specifications) or buy the machines themselves through Student Stores on campus. The university will offer low-interest, four-year loans for students who wish to finance the purchase, and will increase its financial aid budget to provide needy students with additional grant assistance to help cover the cost of the laptops. Some of the other institutions that require or will soon require students to have laptop computers are Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Carnegie-Mellon, Virginia Tech, and Western Carolina University.


Pleased to announce a major upgrade to several of our Free Reference List databases. We've also added several new lists including Sociocultural Impacts of Tourism, Gender Issues in Sport, Sport Promotion and Leisure Education/Counseling.

You may access the site at http://playlab.uconn.edu/frl.htm and download the info to your printer or to disk.

Our next major upgrade is scheduled for June 1998.

Andrew Yiannakis, Ph.D.
Professor & Director
Laboratory for Leisure, Tourism & Sport
Univ. of Connecticut
U-110, Storrs, CT 06269, USA
Phone: 860-486-1117, Fax: 860-486-1123
Email: ayian=AT=ibm.net


GrantsNet http://www.grantsnet.org, is a public-service site to help biomedical scientists, students and faculty locate funding resources.

The newly created site, sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, is a good starting point of information for young scientists looking for grants, fellowships and other sources of support.

Use of the site is free, although it does require registration. Automatic e-mail notification of updates is available as an option for registered users.

Krystyna Gielo-Perczak, Co-moderator Biomch-L

FROM: Edupage, 10 March 1998


The National Center for Education Statistics says that the percentage of women college graduates in computer science has fallen from 37% in the early 1980s to 28% in 1994-95. (USA Today 9 Mar 98)

FROM: Edupage, 10 March 1998


A group of 28 education-technology administrators met recently with Microsoft officials to discuss a controversial change in the company's licensing policy, but a company official says no changes will be made immediately: "There was no 'ta-_da' result." Microsoft's licensing policy used to be based on how many users could access a Microsoft program at any given time, but now is based on how many computers are linked to the school's network, costing some colleges thousands of dollars more. The initial protest of the new policy occurred at last year's CAUSE conference in Orlando, Fla. (Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Mar 98)

Subject: Scholarly uses of the Internet: survey results
FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 10 Mar 1998 - Special issue (#1998-171)

by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University.

Abstract: In late February 1998 a questionnaire surveying professional uses of the Internet was distributed via email to 1767 subscribers of seven electronic mailing lists specialising in Asian and Pacific studies. The mailout generated a total of 280 responses from 38 countries.

The collected data indicate that respondents, who work predominantly in research and tertiary education environments, had on average 4 years of experience with the Internet (range 1-25 years) and that every week they work 19.7 hours on the Net (range 1-95 hrs/week). Moreover, as people gain experience with the use of the network, they also significantly increase the amount of time spent working with it.

The three most popular professional *uses* of the Internet are: sending and receiving electronic mail (individual and list-mediated), and reading online news.

The three most popular Internet *construction* activities are: development of personal Web pages, investigation of the Internet, and maintenance of various electronic mailing lists.

In sum, if we assume a 45 hour working week, it appears that in 1997 an average respondent spent roughly:

- 10% (4.6 hrs) of that time adding information to the Internet;
- 13% (5.7 hrs) communicating online with other people
(via personal email and the mailing lists), and
- 21% (9.4 hrs) on surfing, browsing, reading and querying the Net.

This means that, on average, scholars who participated in our online survey spent approximately 44% of their office hours on working on the Net, and 56% on paper-based and face-to-face activities.

Full results of the survey are available from http://coombs.anu.edu.au/Depts/RSPAS/DIR/PAPERS/InternetSurvey-98.html

Dr T. Matthew CIOLEK tmciolek=AT=coombs.anu.edu.au
Head, Internet Publications Bureau
RSPAS, The Australian National University
ph +61 (02) 6249 0110 fax: +61 (02) 6257 1893

Subject: Girls and Technology/Underrepresented [seeking stories]

Do you have an inspiring story to share related to one of the following topics?
-Girls' involvement with Internet use
-Internet use and the underrepresented, particularly students from communities that are socioeconomically disadvantaged

I am looking for stories to include in a series of books I am co-writing related to Internet use in K-12 settings, and would like to interview teachers by email or phone. The purpose of the books is to encourage teachers and administrators to put the Internet's unique potential to use, as pioneering teachers have done.

If interested, you may contact me at the email address below.

Sandra Ward
-A service of the Global SchoolNet Foundation. Mail questions to
Web archive at http://archives.gsn.org/k12opps/
This list is DIGESTED! Send email to majordomo=AT=gsn.org and
include subscribe k12opps-digest to subscribe.

FROM: Edupage, 24 February 1998


Media businesses are viewing the Internet as their next great broadcast medium, with companies such as Walt Disney and NBC making plans to offer video and multicasting entertainment services in the next few months. Radio stations have already staked their claims with more than 1,100 stations broadcasting 24 hours a day over the Internet. UUNet, a major Internet service provider, offers a UUCast service, using a separate set of routers >from those that handle its mainstream Internet traffic. "Deploying a parallel, multicast infrastructure is a capital-intensive solution, but it works," says UUNet's VP of marketing. "The Internet becomes really interesting when you can do something you can't do any other way," says UUNet's manager of Web products. "Iceland Radio broadcasts a radio feed for people from Iceland who live in the United States and the Internet is the only way you can get it." (InternetWeek 23 Feb 98)

KEN'S NOTE: This looks like a great opportunity for a qualified individual.


Human Kinetics Publishing
1607 N. Market
Champaign, IL 61825

Contact: Paigeh=AT=hkusa.com

Title of Position: Continuing Education Course Acquisition Editor
The Course Acquisition Editor is responsible for identifying the topics for continuing education courses and then initiating the development of these courses for all subjects in the physical activity field. Once course topics have been identified, the Course Acquisition Editor will develop a preliminary plan for the course content, and then identify, recruit, and contract authors to produce the course resources. The Course Acquisition Editor will also develop the initial sales, marketing, and promotion plans for the continuing education courses and work closely with the Sales, Marketing, and Promotion Departments to maximize sales of all courses. The Course Acquisition Editor will secure relationships with associations for cooperative development and promotion of continuing education programs. Ph.D. in Physical Activity field (Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, etc.) recommended.

Title of Position: Video Development Specialist
The Video Development Specialist is responsible for identifying new video projects that are appropriate for the editorial mission of the Division and developing the content to the point where it is ready for production. The VDS will conceptualize new videos, review unsolicited proposals, and identify, recruit, and contract with individuals and agencies to produce videos appropriate for the physical activity field. The VDS will develop initial proposals for video projects, contract with consultants to further develop the content, write scripts, and by working with the video production team, prepare projects for video production. Degree in Physical Activity field (Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, etc.) recommended.

FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 9 Mar 1998 - Special issue (#1998-165)
Subject: The Sports Report

"The Sports Report" is a free email newsletter delivered every other Saturday. With "The Sports Report" you will discover sports in a perspective you have never seen before. "The Sports Report" has columnists from around the world covering sports like football, hockey, baseball, basketball and even European Soccer.

This e-zine is intended for every sports fan, who wants to hear the rumours, hear the news, and get everything he wants in one email. Don't have time to read pages upon pages of Sports News? Then we'll bring you the biggest stories in your mailbox, every other Saturday. We also go past the rumours with our columns that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Join the many others who are reading and awaiting "The Sports Report" in anticipation.

To start your FREE E-Mail Subscription to "The Sports Report", send mail to alexcap=AT=odyssee.net and type: SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Owner: Alex Caporicci alexcap=AT=odyssee.net

FROM: Edupage, 10 March 1998


Computer Intelligence reports that more than 45% of U.S. homes now own personal computers, up from 40% in 1996. As might be expected, households with the highest incomes and those with children are more likely to be PC owners: 80% of homes with annual incomes of $100,000 or more own PCs, compared with 25% of homes with income under $30,000; and 60% of families with children own PCs, compared with 38% of childless households. (Wall Street Journal 10 Mar 98)

FROM: Edupage, 8 March 1998


RF-Link Technology has developed a Wireless PC=AT=TV product that allows an Internet link via a PC in one room to be displayed on a television in another. A scan converter translates the PC's video display signals into signals that a TV can process, and wirelessly sends the audio and video signals using a radio-frequency transmitter and receiver. The signals can travel up to 100 feet, and a wireless keyboard allows the user to manipulate the PC while watching the action on the TV in another room. The cost is about double that of a set-top WebTV receiver, but does not require a special Internet service. (Popular Science Mar 98)

FROM: Edupage, 8 March 1998


New York's Trump Towers, a luxurious Fifth Avenue complex owned by Donald Trump, has sent the following letter to its residents: "You will be given a set-top box at no cost and a list of approximately 600 movies and programs available ... The set-top box plugs into any single telephone line so there is no need for any additional cabling or other interruptions. There is no interference or interruption to your telephone services, and there are no charges whatever to your telephone bill. Also available at a nominal cost ($29.95 per month) is a high-speed access to the Internet. This access will be approximately 100 times faster than the fastest modem now available, and, in fact, no modem whatsoever will be required in the residence." (New York Times 7 Mar 98)

This publication is a collection of bits and bytes that I assemble as I wander about on the Internet. If you have notes to share send them to me.

Moving Together is not an official publication of Maharishi University of Management. It is nothing other than a personal try to share / create a collective wisdom in the area of technology as it impacts professional Kinesiologists.

Ken Daley
Associate Professor
Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences
Maharishi University of Management
Fairfield, Iowa USA 52557
Member of the Internet Developers Association

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