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"We are doubly willing to jump into the water after some one
who has fallen in, if there are people present who have not
the courage to do so." - Nietzsche

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KEN'S NOTE: I will try to review and feature at least one World Wide Web Site in each issue.

The NEAT System -Version 3.0 (http://www.neatsys.com)
$299 software only, $699 with Intel Smart Video Recorder PRO
Finally, an affordable video analysis tool ideal for training, research,
education, and presentations. The NEAT System is a PC (Windows) based software tool for 2D video analysis. Capture video from any source onto your hard drive. Use The NEAT System to instantly access stored video clips, play video (from full screen to six windows), step frame by frame, play 2 video clips at once, overlay graphics, measure angles, record notes, invert video for "lefty" effect and more. Used for athlete training -- compare present performance to past performance or an ideal "model" professional. Used for demonstration and education -- show class how to analyze movement, show proper movement frame by frame. Used for research studies, movement classification and archiving video. The NEAT System files can by shared over classroom or campus network (or Internet if you have the patience). A developers toolkit is available free of charge to create pre-recorded, interactive "scripts" for publishing and distributing workbooks, tests, study aids, etc.

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FROM: Edupage, 27 August 1996

Educational software is useful in the classroom, but "the business of
education is not entertainment, and teachers are keenly aware of this," says
a research analyst at Simba Information Inc. "In schools - where educators
take their job descriptions extremely seriously - the novelty of
bells-and-whistles multimedia is wearing off rapidly." Educational software
sales, much of it purchased by parents for their children's use at home, are
booming, with numbers up 56% from last year, says the Software Publishers
Association. And much of the rise is attributable to already established
products such as Davidson & Associate's Math Blaster, which has enjoyed 12
years of popularity. "You would never be able to find an entertainment
title like that," says a Davidson VP, noting that educational products enjoy
a longevity unheard of in the video game industry. Entertainment software
sales grew by only 6% last year, according to the SPA. (Investor's Business
Daily 27 August 96 A8)

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Edupage, 25 June 1996

Eli Noam, director of Columbia University's Institute for Tele-Information,
says in the new issue of Educom Review that "many of the physical mega
universities ... are not sustainable, at least not in their present
duplicative variations." Noam predicts that "ten years from now a
significant share of conventional mass education will be offered
commercially and electronically." The home page for CITI is <
http://www.ctr.columbia.edu/vii . The home page for the Virtual
Institute, a project of CIT that helps users locate communications and mass
media information is http:www.ctr.columbia.edu/vii . (Educom Review
Jul/Aug 96 p38, "Eli Noam on the Future of the University)

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FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 28 Jun 1996

Subject: LISTS> C-EDRES mailing List - Educational Resource

C-EDRES is a moderated educational resource mailing list for educators.
We provide announcements and reviews three times a week on a variety of
sites of interest to educators. We review all levels of sites from all
subject areas. The reviews are written by you the subscribers and the
owners so we can assure that you are recieving some of the best sites on
the World Wide Web (WWW).

Our reviews give a brief, but accurate description of the site, as well
as, an evaulation of the naviagation, graphics, grammer, and usefulness of
the site for educators in particular.

To subscribe to our C-EDRES mailing list send the following message to

subscribe C-EDRES *your name*

Once you send this message, you will receive confirmation of your

Check out our website at

Lynn Thomas
DRES List Owner

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Subject: WWW> Introducing a unique worldwide multimedia project!!

May I introduce SPORTS MEDIA . Sports Media is a team of specialists ,
including Belgian topcoaches and professors of university. In our
projectgroup we have the general-secretary of the worldwide life saving
union : ILS . This union has 23 million members all over the world .
Our team consist of : marketing manager , content-experts, producer ,
researchers, conductor of the project and administrative manpower.
We have not the experts for publishing the CD-ROM .At this stage has the
publisher a big task and responsibility .

This CD-ROM project is unique ,because there isn't yet for the moment a
same great project .It is a universal project . The project is
What are our goals ?
-we have the best Belgian sportsspecialists and coaches
-our project is a serie of several sports
-we have a big market :education (all college market)
recreation (all customer market)
business ( all sportclubs ,coaches)
-it is a multilingual project
-we build a great interactive structure with a lot
-new topics can attribute to a surplus value : for example :
games,physical tests,first aide ,etc.
-our product is very flexible,because we put a lot of exercices on the
-there are several levels (beginner - top)
-sport pedagogics
-it is an International product
-our project is on Internet url : http://www.ping.be/~ping7330/

What is our strategy ?
We have the intention to start with "Life Saving" , because in our group
we have the general-secretary of ILS (23 million members) - it is a big
market - and first we try to conquer the Belgian market ,then the
BENELUX ,then the European and the American (also the worldwide) market
.We hope to do this in a period of 3 years.
Also we try via online shopping to sell the CD-ROM . Momently there are
60 million people on the Internet . At 2000 ,there will be 500 million
people surfing the net .

Our contacts:
For the moment we have contacts with:
-BELGACOM :an Belgian multinational of communications.
-HYPERVISION : is an Belgian multimedia publisher .

What is our deal ?
Our projectgroup has very competent people,we have a very good project ,
only the latest novelty of multimedia is good enough for us .Our group
is a multi disciplinary team and that's the reason that our research can
attribute to a better product .
It isn't a low cost project , that's why we are looking for publishers
and concerns for distribution .
If there is a concern ready(interested) to finance the project ,then is
the whole benifit for that concern and only the royalties are for SPORTS
For more details of for discuss about the project ,please take contact
with our marketing manager ,H. Vervaecke .
phone : +32-16-35.35.00
fax: +32-16-35.01.02
e-mail : Guy.VanDamme=AT=ping.be

sincerely ,


G. Van Damme
Secretary of Sports Media
jagerslaan 9
3120 Tremelo

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Staff Development: When you Want It
Bonnie Mohnsen

Are you up-to-date on the National Standards? Do you know how to
administer the new Prudential Fitnessgram Test? Have you been searching
the world wide web (internet)? Here is an unique and "cutting edge"
opportunity for you to learn about quality physical education. The
"Physical Education and Fitnessgram Test" inservice will be offered by
the Orange County Department of Education from October 15, 1996 through
May 15, 1997. The course, which consists of approximately fifteen
hours, can be completed anytime during this period. One unit of college
credit for $50 is offered by Chapman College. The entire course will
take place via the internet, so you must have an internet account. The
course will involve email, listserv, chat sessions, and searching the
world wide web. As long as you have an account you will receive
information on how to participate in all of the events. To register
($25 not including college credit) for the course contact Bonnie Mohnsen
at 714-966-4421 and request a registration form.

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FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 12 Aug 1996 to 13 Aug 1996 - Special issue

Subject: SPORTS: History of the Olympics
Olympics through Time gives an overview of the history of the
Olympics ... featuring the VRML model of a Zeus temple and many
other interesting things. Enjoy!

URL: http://sunsite.informa tik.rwth-aachen.de/olympics/

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FROM: The Scout Report -- August 9, 1996

Medscape--With free Medline access
Free searching of the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE abstracts
database has been added to the wealth of medical information for
practitioners and health care consumers available on the Medscape site.
Free registration is required before using most of the site's features. The
Medscape site offers full-text articles from a number of medical journals,
all of which are searchable. The "Patient Info" section groups information
for consumers by category; the articles within each category are linked to
related information elsewhere on the site. The news page offers the latest
medical headlines, as well as recent articles grouped by subject. For
practitioners, the "Exam Room" is an interactive diagnostic challenge which
evaluates user responses to the condition presented; in fact,
non-practitioners interested in interactive instruction may benefit from
the example of these pages. Throughout, the site is well organized and
effectively cross-refere

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Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 12:13:45 -0500
From: Gleason Sackman sackman=AT=plains.nodak.edu
Subject: MISC> The Great Outdoors

http://home.navisoft.co m/greyhound/mw51/index.htm

The Great Outdoors: The North American Directory of Golf, Hunting,
Fishing, Camping, Outfitters & Resorts

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FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 16 Aug 1996 - Special issue

Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 15:53:18 -0500
From: Gleason Sackman sackman=AT=plains.nodak.edu
Subject: MISC> MedFacts' SportsDoc


A discovery learning experience where you play rookie sports medicine doctor
diagnosing virtual patients using MRIs, x-rays, and surgical videos.
Reference a database of real physicians in your area (search by zip code) to
obtain a se
cond opinion

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FROM: Edupage, 18 August 1996

With the recent release of version 3.0 of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft
Internet Explorer, the browser battle is heating up. Microsoft is
sweetening its Internet Explorer deal with the addition of free access to
some popular services that otherwise charge a fee, including the Wall Street
Journal Web site, ESPN's sports site, and the InvestorsEdge.com financial
advice site. In addition, the software giant has the advantage of bundling
Internet Explorer with all new PCs shipped with Windows 95, a strategy that
will net it 46 million potential users in 1996 alone. The next version of
Windows, scheduled for sometime next year, will have the browser built in.
Meanwhile, for the time being, Netscape still retains 85% of the market
share, and about 30,000 Web sites offer Netscape Navigator as a downloadable
option. But Netscape's director of technology has his sights set on higher
goals: "People assume that this is the highest hill, but we're not making
that mistake," he says. (The Economist 17 Aug 96) Netscape is offering its
own deal-sweetener with Navigator 3.0 -- its Netscape Inbox Direct feature
allows users to receive daily downloads of news from 26 content providers,
including the New York Times and c-Net. (Investor's Business Daily 19 Aug
96 A1)

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PE Central -- the new web site for physical educators -- will be making its
debut on the internet on Monday August 26. If you know of anyone who is
interested in lesson ideas, ready to print out assessments, health lesson
ideas, job announcements, professional information, links to the best
teaching and sport web sites, then please tell them about our site. It is
also set up so PE teachers can send in their ideas to possibly publish on
PE Central.

The web site address will be:

http://infoserver.et l.vt.edu/~/PE.Central/Front.html

Remember to type in the exact address.

PE Central is brought to you by the Virginia Tech Health and PE Program.

Thanks. Have a great start to your new school year.

Mark A. Manross

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* * * * 10th Annual Technology + Learning Conference * * * *

October 23-25, 1996, in Dallas Texas

Produced by National School Boards Association's Institute for the Transfer
of Technology to Education, with co-sponsorship of 23 other national
education organizations

The 10th annual Technology + Learning Conference will gather more than 3,700
education technology decision makers at the Dallas Convention Center to
discuss technology planning and implemenation issues and to evaluate
technology products and services available from more than 200 vendors on the
conference Exhibit Floor. In addition to presenters of 100-plus school
district-led and vendor-led workshop, roundtable, and poster sessions,

For registration materials and more information on Technology + Learning:

* Click on "Technology + Learning conference" at the NSBA/ITTE Web site,
http://www.nsba.org/itte, where you can download a registration form and
where a full conference schedule will appear pre-conference this fall to
assist attendees' with personal scheduling.

* Call NSBA/ITTE at (800) 950-6722 and select Option 3.

* For multiple copies of registration materials, dial (800) 950-6722 and
select Option 1, Document 717, or fax your request to J. Knickerbocker at
(703) 548-5560.

* Vendors interested in exhibiting at Technology + Learning may contact Ann
Flynn, NSBA/ITTE, by phone at (703) 838-6764, by fax at (703) 683-7590, or
by e-mail at aflynn=AT=nsba.org.

Submitted to EDTECH by:
Anne Ward

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FROM: Edupage, 27 June 1996

Nintendo, Microsoft and Japan's Nomure Research Institute are collaborating
to deliver a high-speed online service that will beam content such as
sports news, online shopping and entertainment via a TV broadcasting
satellite system . Users will need a satellite dish and special modem to
access the service. "The PC is becoming a communications tool," says
Microsoft's Bill Gates. "I think the venture really draws on the strengths
of all three companies." Microsoft is working with DirecTV on a similar
project in the U.S., scheduled for launch early next year. (Financial
Times 27 Jun 96 p15)

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FROM: C O M P U T E R I N D U S T R Y D A I L Y, August 19, 1996
Censors Lay Internet Plans

- Singapore will begin censoring the Internet September 15. The
regulating body, Singapore Broadcasting Authority, will delete
content it believes is offensive to public security and
national defense, racial and religious harmony, and public
morals. Typical of the approach is a requirement for Internet
access providers to establish proxy servers that will store
all WWW pages on hard disk. Material considered to be
unsuitable will be deleted from the disk before it can be
accessed. Users can bypass the system if they are willing to
pay international phone charges.

- The British government may be forced to legislate control of
pornographic and violent material on the Internet if the
industry does not regulate itself, says Science and Technology
minister Ian Taylor. Taylor urged Internet content providers
to use the Platform for Internet Content (PICs) screening
system to permit users to filter WWW sites.

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FROM: Edupage, 27 June 1996

Bell Canada is testing Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ASDL)
technology that will give PC users high-speed access to the Internet and
other online services while diverting Net users off the regular phone
system and onto a separate data network. Phone companies currently use
only 1% of the capacity of existing copper wires to transmit information.
(Ottawa Citizen 25 Jun 96 C1)

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FROM: Culture in Cyberspace, 7/1/96


Despite poor telecommunications infrastructures in many parts of
the world, international use of the net continues to soar. According
to Reuters, use in Latin America is growing at 1000 percent
annually, with Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina leading the way with
around 250,000 currently online. Reuters also reports that Chinese
authorities are expecting 120,000 Internet users by the end of the
current year and a million users by the end of 2000. Less than
three years ago, China had 1,700 users.
Reuters/LA: http:/ /www.yahoo.com/headlines/960627/compute/stories/latam_1.html
Reuters/C: http:/ /www.yahoo.com/headlines/960628/compute/stories/china_1.html

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FROM: Edupage, 30 June 1996

In the wake of California's NetDay, a one-day blitz to wire 4,000 classrooms
for the Internet, 35 other states have announced plans for their own NetDays
this fall. Mississippi, Connecticut, North Carolina and Maine are among the
states involved in planning their schools' participation. In support of
bringing the Information Superhighway to all classrooms, Vice President Gore
is advocating free -- not merely discounted -- Internet access for schools
and libraries. (Tampa Tribune 30 Jun 96 A16)

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FROM: Edupage, 27 August 1996

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have concluded that idle PCs could
be leased out by their owners to remote users who might have occasional need
for a computer, but not want to buy one. "It seems silly to invest lots of
money to buy more computing power when all you have to do is utilize what's
already out there," says one researcher, who cites the example of an
accountant who has a one-time need to use some graphics design capability.
Technology already can support remote control of PCs over the Internet, and
the researchers say all that's needed is some sort of system for leasing the
machines and their software, while keeping the computer owner's files
private and secure. (Investor's Business Daily 26 Aug 96 A6)

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FROM: Edupage, 30 June 1996

Optus Vision, the partly owned cable subsidiary of Australia's No. 2
long-distance company, is now able to offer television, telephone and
high-speed data services through a single network -- long the goal of the
U.S. cable industry. "The U.S. has taken longer than everybody thought,"
says a Motorola general manager, who notes that U.S. cable operators have
delayed their all-in-one systems because of the daunting task of upgrading
older plant and equipment to provide telephony and two-way data links.
Optus was able to build its network from scratch. (Wall Street Journal 28
Jun 96 B4)

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FROM: C O M P U T E R I N D U S T R Y D A I L Y, August 16, 1996
GTE and Microsoft to Try ADSL Modems

GTE Corp. and Microsoft will start a six-month test of
asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) modems in Redmond, WA.
The modems can receive data at 1.5 Mbps and send at 64 Mbps and
may be the answer to the long-sought Internet "wide pipe." After
the trial period, GTE may roll-out the service in specific markets
early in 1997. A second-stage trial, starting in October, will
further evaluate various ADSL modems and possibly some high- speed
digital subscriber line (HDSL) modems for comparison.

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Philip Zimmermann, creator of Pretty Good Privacy encryption software,
testified before a Senate subcommittee that, based on a 1993 presentation by
Michael Wiener of Northern Telecom, it would be possible to build a machine
for $1 million that could crack a message encrypted with the Data Encryption
Standard and a 56-bit key in an average of 3.5 hours. A more powerful
machine, costing about $10 million, could do it in 21 minutes, and a $100
million machine could bring the time down to two minutes. Zimmermann's
testimony contradicted a recent statement by U.S. Attorney General Janet
Reno that even with a "top of the line supercomputer, decoding a 56-bit key
would take over a year and the evidence would be long gone." At issue is
whether the U.S. should permit the general-license export of 56-bit
encryption products. (BNA Daily Report for Executives 27 Jun 96 A5)

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FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 27 Jun 1996 - Special issue

Subject: Free Technology Education Kit

This sounds like a great kit and it's yours for the asking!

"The Journey Inside Program"
Where Education and Adventure Meet Head On ... Inside the Computer

Intel Corporation has launched a national education program designed to
increase technology literacy among students and inspire them to learn more
about the science behind computer technology. "The Journey Inside"
technology education program is aimed specifically at grades five
through nine when a students' interest in science, math and related studies
can really take hold.

Computer Technology Education Kit

Our free comprehensive classroom kit, The Journey Inside: The Computer,
comes in a package that is a learning tool itself -- the box serves as a
model of a personal computer for students to open up and examine. The kit
contains a teacher's guide, video, poster, and hands-on chip kit.

The 300-page teacher's guide includes background information, lesson plans,
student materials, overheads and vocabulary for six units which are divided
into beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. The units cover the basic
operations of computers and microprocessors, digital information,
transistors, chip manufacturing and a review of critical inventions
throughout history.

The six-module video introduces the concepts of each study unit with a
typical twelve-year-old on a quest to learn more about computers. The poster
reinforces key concepts from the video.

To complete the experiments described in the teacher's guide, the chip kit
includes an actual silicon wafer, a non-working packaged microprocessor,
loose processor chips, transistors, diodes, connecting wires and batteries
for hands-on study.

The raw material for the program was developed by a collaborative of nine
science teachers under the direction of Penny Moore, U.C. Berkeley, director
of Prime Science and Science for Science Teachers. The materials have been
refined for classroom use by the International Society for Technology in
Education, who also conducts training classes for teachers in the effective
use of the kit.

Beyond the Classroom

Where available, teachers can take their classes to see Intel's companion
IMAX film, The Journey Inside: A Learning Adventure in High Technology. This
is the first IMAX film made primarily for children, the first to use a
science-fiction story to communicate information, and the first to
introduce viewers to the amazing microscopic world of computer chip
technology. The film follows twelve-year-old Jimmy on his race to foil an
alien plot to slow the advancement of technology on earth. Along the way, he
learns how computer chips are made.

To amplify the technical concepts presented in the film, Intel created four
museum-quality exhibits for the theater lobbies. These describe the major
functional areas of a microprocessor, the layering process by which chips
are made, the clean room environment where chips are made and the basic
operations of a personal computer.

Teachers scheduling field trips to the film will receive a 20-page
Teacher's Activity Guide with pre-film discussion points and vocabulary, and
a series of post-film activities that review key concepts from the film. The
film is scheduled to appear at several IMAX theaters worldwide, or contact
your local IMAX theater for future availability.


"The Journey Inside" kits are available free of charge to qualified
teachers in the United States and Canada. Qualified teachers are those
teaching science, math or computers in grades five through nine. For a
descriptive brochure and order form, call 1-800-346-3029, ext. 143.

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FROM: C O M P U T E R I N D U S T R Y D A I L Y, June 28, 1996

High-Speed Modem Availability Increases

- Performance Telecom announced two new CopperAccel modes, which
increase data rates by hundreds of times that of dial-up
modems. The asymmetrical digital subscriber line modem
provides 6.312 Mbps downstream data transfer with a 640 Kbps
duplex signalling channel. The rate adaptive digital
subscriber line modem provides packet-based data exchange at
384 Kbps to 7 Mbps downstream. Both modem technologies can
also carry analog voice communications on the same copper
telephone line.

- Continental Cablevision, Inc. purchased 50,000 cable modems.
Customers would pay about $500 for modem installation. The
company expects that 20% of its network will support high-
speed data exchange by the end of 1996.
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FROM: C O M P U T E R I N D U S T R Y D A I L Y, June 26, 1996

MCI Increases Its Internet Stake

MCI will drop another $60 million to quadruple its Internet
backbone speed. Throughput will be boosted to 622 Mbps from the
current 155 Mbps. These enhancements are the second phase of
MCI's Internet 2000 strategy. Need for the upgrade was signalled
by a 5,600% increase in Internet traffic since 1994.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -
When it comes to full-scale trials of smart card technology, developing
countries such as Zambia and Thailand are way ahead of the U.S. The new
payment systems are finding greater acceptance in countries where
traditional banking practices are not so firmly entrenched. "No one's in a
hurry for a new payment system here because our system already works," says
a U.S. programmer who designed Zambia's smart card system. "Our country is
expanding, and we don't have enough banks and no automated teller
machines... The lines are very long," says a spokesman for the Zambian
embassy in Washington. And smart cards provide valuable access to other
technological advances: "Developing nations are using smart cards to
leapfrog the need to build telecommunications infrastructures," says a Visa
VP. (Investor's Business Daily 25 Jun 96 A8)
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FROM: Edupage, 18 August 1996

High-tech industry observer George Gilder says the PC will win out over the
TV as the dominant information source: "On the Net, the viewer gets his or
her first choice of information, instead of the lowest common denominator."
Gilder also sees the NC/PC controversy as a motivation to redesign the PC:
"There's a huge opportunity for new devices on the network in schools,
libraries, kiosks, homes and businesses. The NC won't displace the desktop,
but it will deeply influence the PC." (Information Week 5 Aug 96 p12)

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FROM: Edupage, 11 August 1996

Motorola will be the first company to manufacture a computer based on the
PowerPC chip that the company jointly developed with Apple and IBM.
Machines using the PowerPC platform will be able to run Macintosh software
from Apple as well as Windows software from IBM. Apple says its operating
system software for PowerPC machines will be ready early in 1997. (Wall
Street Journal 9 Aug 96 C3)

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