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"I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by."
-- Douglas Adams

The above quote seems appropriate as I am putting out MOVING TOGETHER #6. A combination of too much white-water kayaking (if that is possible), renovating an apartment and a heavy teaching load have put me a bit behind in my Internet activities. Unfortunately, that is all changing as the kayaking trips slow down as fall descends in the Mid-west of the United States.

I also have had a touch of a contagious disease that inhabits cyberspace and spreads like wild fire in all directions. MOVING TOGETHER has been a low key publication with a limited circulation. A week ago I made a choice to tell just one small volume email based discusion group of its existance. This message got iterated somewhat more than I expected and I now have several hundred subscribers. As I maintain this list by hand it has taken up some extra time.

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KEN'S NOTE: I will try to review and feature at least one World Wide Web Site in each issue.

This Issue's Review:
The Physical Activity and Health Network (PAHNet)

Only ever now and then do I come across a Kinesiology site that really gets me excited. The Physical Activity and Health Network is one such site. It is clean and elegent in layout and uses links to other sites to advantage. If you are interested in the relationship of physical activity and exercise to health then this is the best site that I have come across to date. If you only bookmark one site from this issue of MOVING TOGETHER this is the one to do. The material is very current and well maintained by the Department of Epidemiology and Center for Injury Research and Control at the University of Pittsburgh.

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FROM: NBNSOFT Content Awards - 9/30/96

The Gadget Guru Online (Searchable)
As legendary an individual as Martha Stewart -- The Gadget Guru
has formed quite a powerful toolbox on the Web. You've probably
seen him here and there on brief television segments. But now,
thanks to his official non-imposter site, you can explore his
wisdom at your leisure. You could start off with the daily-updated
lead gadget stories if you plan on becoming a frequent clicker.
But if you're in urgent need of useable tips, try using the handy
search engine installed on-site. Your emergency can be located
anywhere in the home, no matter if it's in the toy room, the kitchen,
garage or home office -- your answers can all be readily found at
this site that's virtually impossible to tire of.

The sporting section of The Gadget Guru is at:

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Subject: NEWSLTR> National Football Widows League

Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 20:21:50 -0500
From: RE76=AT=aol.com


A site for sore wives with fun and gifts for sports-spurned spouses
everywhere.Check out The Top Ten Things To Do While He's Watching Football,
send a Football Widow Sympathy Card, submit an item for Widow's Pique, or
collection of football widow horror stories. Subscribe to The Better Half
Times, the official newsletter of the NFWL.

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FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 1 Oct 1996

Subject: Rollerblade

Interested in in-line skating? This is a commercial site but has an interesting presentation of its manual on technology / repair.
http://www.rollerblade.com/tech /tech.html

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FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 1 Oct 1996
Subject: Ballparks

This site is devoted to ballparks from the past, present and future...

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FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 10 Sep 1996

Subject: WWW> Health Explorer


The Health Explorer is your guide to finding answers to your health
questions on the Internet, with over 3000 categorized health sites all in
one location.

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FROM: NET-HAPPENINGS Digest - 11 Sep 1996 - Special issue

Subject: WWW> Youth soccer at it's Best!

Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 21:58:45 -0500
From: dlee=AT=ntrnet.net


Youth soccer is a comprehensive resource for all soccer players, parents and
coaches. This site features a section on training, a tournament selection
form that will assist any team find a tournament to attend, a fun & games
section that is packed full entertainment, a shopping mall that features a
bargain of the month section that will save you hundreds of dollars, a
section on indoor soccer and

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FROM: Internet Digest for 30-Sep-96

Positive Press Spreads The "Good News"

"Good news every day." That is the idea behind Groom's Web
site Positive Press. It was founded on the World Wide Web in
July "to counteract the tendency of the mainstream media to
focus on the negative," its mission statement says. Positive
Press was selected by online service Yahoo as a pick of the
week, Pacific Bell has made it an educational link and it
has logged 200,000 hits to date.

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Health Explorer
An apple a day may keep the doc away..but a click a day to this site
could prove to offer the same advantages. With over 3,000 categorized
sites, Health Explorer is designed to answer all of your health questions
online. Sites listed here cover topics from aging to disabilities,
children's health to parenting. And each represents the 'Best the Internet
has to offer.' In the Nursing section, we were quickly led to
The Nursing Network Forum, reputable nursing organizations, and lots
of field-publications. With time, we're confident that its' content
will become more intricately weaved, but despite the fact that it is a
new site, it's still a terrific place with which to start your general
health Web exploring.

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FROM: Internet Digest for 09-Sep-96

TCI's Cable Modem Service rollout

Local content "will range from everything from school lunch
menus here in Fremont to traffic reports, weather, news,
local sports, movies, everything you can imagine," Ravenel
said. "That will be done often in partnerships with local
content providers, including through the local newspapers
and other firms that are involved in offering information on
the World Wide Web specifically about the Bay area."

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FROM: Internet Digest for 09-Sep-96

Excite, to personalize news search

Excite added a feature on its Net search engine that allows
users to personalize news, stock quotes, and other
information services. With its new personalization feature,
called Excite Live, visitors to Excite's Web site will be
able to select specific types of information they wish to
receive, including sports scores, features, news, financial
information, and weather forecasts.

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FROM: Edupage, 1 October 1996

CyberCash has teamed up with six major banks, including NationsBank, First
Union, First USA and PNC Bank, to offer an electronic payment system to
Internet users who want to make purchases ranging from 25 cents to $10. The
system, called CyberCoin, will charge a just a few cents per transaction,
making it economically more feasible than traditional credit card systems,
which charge 75 cents for a 25-cent transaction. The availability of
"micropayments" is a critical component in allowing publishers to charge for
online information, say industry observers. "What this is really about is
not selling old things more efficiently, but setting the stage to sell an
entirely new set of products," says Paul Saffo of the Institute for the
Future. "It allows you to buy things by the sip rather than the gulp."
(Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 96 B8)

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FROM: Edupage, 1 October 1996

Netscape's newest version of its Navigator browser, scheduled for test
release sometime this month, will enable collaboration among groups without
the need for "groupware" software such as Lotus Notes. It will also make it
possible for users to create multimedia e-mail messages and their own Web
pages. The strategy is to continue persuading people to install Netscape's
browser and to buy Netscape server software. "That's where the money is,"
says CEO Jim Barksdale. Still, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is doubtful that
this David will be able to win the battle against Microsoft's Goliath:
"Netscape has no chance. They will be wiped out." (Business Week 7 Oct 96 p34)

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As computer chips increasingly become a part of everyday household
appliances, they'll hold more sway over lifestyle decisions usually made by
human owners, says an engineering professor at England's University of
Plymouth. Roland Burns predicts that next-generation refrigerators will
automatically replenish their food stocks, keeping track of what's bought
and consumed via lasers that scan bar codes on packages and ordering more
via modem link to the grocery store. Future dieting programs will allow
your fridge to dictate do's and don'ts and may even reject orders including
"don't" items. Burns says similar capabilities could emerge in cars,
factory machines and almost any piece of equipment built with chips.
(Business Week 30 Sep 96 p82)

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FROM: INNOVATION, September 30, 1996

A Russian researcher working in Finland says he's found a way to partially
negate the effects of gravity using a spinning disk made of superconducting
ceramic material. The claim is being investigated by NASA scientists, and a
group at Marshall Space Flight Center is scrambling to reproduce the Finnish
antigravity setup. Eugene Podkletnov says that when he zapped an
11-inch-diameter superconducting ceramic disk with an electromagnetic field
that caused it spin at 3,000 revolutions per second, it created an effect
that decreased the weight of anything placed above the disk by 2%. When two
disks were stacked one on top of the other, the weight loss was 4%. Even
more amazing, the weight loss occurred in all materials tested -- wood,
metal and plastic. In addition to NASA, laboratories in Italy, Canada and
India are trying to duplicate Podkletnov's work. If confirmed, the
technology could be used in cars, trains and planes to negate limitations in
size and weight; and if a stack of 100 disks could result in a 200% weight
loss, the technology could be used to launch spacecraft. (Business Week 30
Sep 96 p42)

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