John Hawley, Director of the High Performance Laboratory, Sports Science Institute of South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa 

Read what John has to say on aids and strategies for training, from successful methods in the past to the latest research findings.


Cross-Training: A Misnomer.  

Training in an athlete's primary sport is more effective than cross-training. July-Aug 98

Pacing: A Matter of Strategy.  

Is even-pacing the most effective strategy for all race situations? May-June 98

Taper for Endurance Athletes.  

Methods and benefits of reducing training before an event. Jan-Feb 98

Resistance Training and Endurance Performance.  

How effective is resistance training for endurance athletes? Nov-Dec 97

The Trial and Error Method  

In his first column, John analyzes one of the great coaches, Arthur Lydiard. May-June 97

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