A New View of Statistics

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Each question has either only one correct answer or one incorrect answer. The answers appear in the lower frame when you click on answer. Links to the appropriate sections of the text are also included.

1. A frequency distribution can be shown as

2. Simple statistics are

3. What would you do with a median?

4. The following are measures of spread:

5. Which arrow indicates the standard error of the estimate?

6. A relative risk is

7. Differences between means are best thought about in terms of

8. Dimension reduction

9. Concerning reliability:

10. Concerning validity:

11. Correct or incorrect expressions?

12. Confidence intervals...

13. A correlation coefficient and its confidence interval are shown in the figure.

We can conclude that:

14. Concerning tests and test statistics:

15. Many samples, each of 100 observations, are drawn from a population in which there is a correlation of 0.70 between two variables. How often would you expect to find a statistically significant correlation?

16. What are appropriate comments about these data, which show mean weekly training durations for three groups of athletes? (Bars are SDs.)

17. An outcome measured on a five-point scale (not at all to always)...

18. Log transform a variable...

19. Non-parametric tests usually...

20. If we studied the effect of gender and body mass on sprint performance time, we would use the following model:

21. Concerning multiple linear regression:

22. Repeated-measures models...

23. In a longitudinal study aimed at enhancing sport enjoyment, the following results were obtained

We can conclude that:

24. Concerning sample sizes for a controlled longitudinal study:

25. The size of a sample needed for a cross-sectional study...

26. When you come home from climbing in the statistical mountains, you will tell the folks, amongst other things, that...

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