Instructions and Template for Writing a Review for the Sportscience Training & Technology Pages

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Reference: Authora, A. B., and Authorb, C. D. (1997). Instructions and template for writing a review for the Sportscience Training & Technology pages. Sportscience Training & Technology,
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Summary. Summarize the topic in a few sentences. Make a clear recommendation at the end.
Reviewers' comments

In this document we explain how to write a review for the Sportscience Training & Technology pages. The document itself is a template to help you format the article. The template is available in html format (TTreview.htm) and Microsoft Word rich text format (TTreview.rtf).

How to Use the Template
To use the html document, you will need an html editor like Netscape Navigator Gold (available free from the Netscape site) or Claris HomePage 2 (available for a free 30-day trial from the Claris site). If you've never written a Web page, start right now with Netscape Gold as your browser/editor. Download Netscape Navigator Gold and then close out all Netscape programs before installing it. Once installed, use Navigator Gold as your browser and come back to this sportscience page. From the menu choose File / Save As to save this page to your directory. Then choose File / Open File to open the saved file. Save the images and adjust links when prompted. Then edit the document. Check out how the appropriate image was made to reside on the right of this page before you delete it and (hopefully) insert something suitable for your article.

If you're using plain Netscape Navigator, download this html document by saving it using File / Save Frame As… in the menu bar, and choose Source (not Text) in the window that opens. Then edit the document with Claris HomePage or other webpage editor.

If you prefer to work with the rtf document, download it. You will need Microsoft Word, version 5.1 or higher, to edit the rtf document.

We suggest you add your writing at the beginning of each heading or paragraph, then delete the original words of the heading or paragraph. If you need to check the instructions after you have deleted them, open the original document or view it on the Web. Keep the fonts, styles, and capitalization of the original. Be obsessional about such details, please: it means less work for us.

Add hypertext links where possible. If you find it too difficult (especially if you are creating the document in rtf), place the URLs next to the words you want linked so the editors and webmasters can add them.

If you have photos, get them scanned and converted to jpg format at the lowest quality consistent with clarity of any special features you want to be visible. Figures and diagrams should be created on a computer and saved in gif format. Use a simple painting or image-processing program to crop, size, and tone images.

You can often poach a good image off the Web. See the special section on how to find images on the Web on our page devoted to searching Web pages.

Style and Other Points
Please read the editorial on style
(Hopkins, 1997) for general advice on how to write well, and for specific advice about punctuation, grammar and so on. The draft guidelines on writing a review for the journal Sportscience will also be useful. Here are a few more important points:

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Adrien Referee1 PhD
Present position, Institution/Consultancy, City, State/Country.

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