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 Volume 10


Highlights of this issue:
Sport Science–a Misfit
Updated spreadsheets for controlled trials
  Practical measurement of aerodynamic drag in cycling
  Slideshows on rowing, magnitudes, sample size, more...

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Report on the annual ACSM meeting in Denver.

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 News and Comment

 In Brief

Guest Editorial: Sport Science–a Misfit. Our discipline straddles too many academic boundaries.
Sad Stats. No suitable statistical package for sport scientists.
Magnitude Matters. A slideshow from the 2006 ACSM meeting.
Preparing Graphics for Publication. Tips and tricks for the Office platform.
New and Updated Research Slideshows. Student supervision, dimensions of research, making inferences, controlled trials.
Dec 15


Viagra at Altitude and Other Performance-Related Highlights of the ACSM 2006 Annual Meeting. Will Hopkins. Performance enhancement from the Denver conference, May 31-June3. June 22
Stephen Seiler. June 27
The Journals World Cup 2005: Impact Factors for Sport Science. Will Hopkins. An assessment of the latest ratings. June 27. Update June 30



One Hundred and Fifty Years of Rowing Faster. Stephen Seiler. A tutorial lecture on limitations to rowing performance presented at the ACSM 2006 meeting. Sept 5

 Tests &

Aerodynamic Drag Area of Cyclists Determined with Field-Based Measures. Jim Martin and colleagues. Practical measurement of an important predictor of cycling performance. Dec 22
Carl Paton. Dec 22


Spreadsheets for Analysis of Controlled Trials, with Adjustment for a Subject Characteristic. Will Hopkins. A covariate and other enhancements now included in this useful resource. Dec 15
Alan Batterham. Dec 15
Amanda Cox. Dec 18


A Spreadsheet for Combining Outcomes from Several Groups. Will Hopkins. Sex and other group effects made easy. Dec 15
Glen Fincher. Dec 21


Estimating Sample Size for Magnitude-Based Inferences. Will Hopkins. Clinical or practical outcomes with fewer subjects. Apr 11, 2007

 Sport Nutrition

The Optimum Composition for Endurance Sports Drinks. Will Hopkins and Matt Wood. A hypotonic mix of salt and several carbohydrates for events lasting several hours. Dec 15
Dave Rowlands. Jan 13, 2007

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Recent issues: 2005 · 2004 · 2003 · 2002 · Archive

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