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 Volume 6


Covariates in repeated-measures analyses, regression to the mean and more in A New View of Statistics

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News item and slide show on probabilities of
clinical or practical significance

 News and Comment

 In Brief

Data-Analysis Tutorial. Will Hopkins. Oct 24
Qualitative vs Quantitative Designs [Letter and Response].
Douglas Booth, Will Hopkins
. Oct 24
Editorial: Continual Publication of...?
Will Hopkins. Jun 30


Probabilities of Clinical or Practical Significance. Will Hopkins. How to use probabilities more meaningful than the traditional P value. Jul 8.
. Oct 29, Nov 3; Mar 6 2003; Aug 8 2004.
  Comment on Probabilities of Clinical or Practical Significance.
Alan Batterham
. Jul 8


Moving Together: Newsletter #32. Ken Daley. Oct 17


Dimensions of Research. Will Hopkins. An analysis of research projects in terms of topic, scope, mode, methods, ideology, politics, and utility. Oct 24
. Nov 11.
  Comment on Dimensions of Research. Alan Batterham. Ocr 25


Effect of Vegetarian Diets on Performance in Strength Sports. Chris Forbes-Ewan. Unclear benefit of eating meat for strength and sprint athletes. Jul 9.

 Original Research


Little Effect of Training in the Heat on Cycling Performance at Normal Temperature. Jo Morrison, Will Hopkins, Gord Sleivert. Jul 4

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