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 Volume 5 · Number 2

  May-Aug 2001 

 News and Comment


Athletic Performance at the 2001 ACSM Meeting, by Will Hopkins. A report on the American College of Sports Medicine's annual research-fest.


Moving Together: Newsletter #30, by Ken Daley. Cooperative database, acronyms and abbreviations, search engines, community service, training advice, computers in sport, technology news...



Genes and Training for Performance Revisited, by Joseph Baker. Training may be more important in cognitive sports.

  Genes, Training, and other Constraints on Individual Performance, by Keith Davids. Dynamical systems theory may help us deal with individual athletes.
  Mitochondrial DNA and Maximum Oxygen Consumption, by Matt Brearley and Shi Zhou. Genes for the subcellular powerhouse have an unclear effect on aerobic power.



Exercise-induced Metabolic Acidosis, by Rob Robergs. An argument against lactic acid as the source of acidity in hard exercise.

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