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Magnitude-based inferences: article

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 In Brief

Editorial: Copyright Control. No flexibility in a publisher's policy. Dec 7
EPO Abuse: a Test Case. False positives in a test for drug cheats. Dec 7
Sport Scientists' Top 10 Sites. Feedback from the Sportscience list. Dec 7
A Spreadsheet for Fully Controlled Crossovers. Resource for analysis. Dec 8

Copyright-Free Images and Information. Resource for handouts/slides. Dec 15


Impact Factors of Journals in Sport and Exercise Science, 2004. Will Hopkins. An assessment of the latest ratings. Dec 7



Making Meaningful Inferences About Magnitudes. Alan Batterham and Will Hopkins. Replace statistical significance of an effect with chances it is important. Dec 16
Steve Marshall. Dec 20
  A Decision Tree for Controlled Trials. Alan Batterham and Will Hopkins. Reliability, washout time, and availability of subjects and resources are the deciding factors. Dec 14
Greg Atkinson. Dec 14

 Original Research


High-Resistance Interval Training Improves 40-km Time-Trial Performance in Competitive Cyclists. Amy Taylor-Mason. Resistance training in the competition phase boosts power by ~7%. Dec 7
Carl Paton. Dec 9


Competitive Performance of Elite Olympic-Distance Triathletes: Reliability and Smallest Worthwhile Enhancement. Carl Paton and Will Hopkins. Aim for a gain of at least 1% in the run stage. Dec 7
Brendon Downey. Dec 7

Competitive Performance of Elite Track-and-Field Athletes: Variability and Smallest Worthwhile Enhancements. Will Hopkins. Gains of 0.3-0.5% for elite track athletes and 0.9-1.5% for elite field athletes are worthwhile. Dec 7
Esa Peltola. Dec 7

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