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For a set of links to sites and email contacts for mostly free advice on injuries, see the In-brief item in Sportscience 5(1), 2001.

American College of Sports Medicine

American Medical Association

American Medical Society for Sports Medicine

American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine

Bibliography of Sporting Injuries

Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine

Countway Web Catalog (part of the Harvard Medical Web)

Department of Genetics & Molecular Medicine - Emory University School of Medicine has an excellent list of resources including MedWeb an extensive sports medicine resource page. The site also includes numerous electronic resources for electronic publications, anatomy, embryology, physiology, and nutrition departments at universities world-wide, software, and atlases and related educational resources as well as tables of contents to electronic journals, including APStracts, a weekly on-line notice of current research scheduled to be published in the journals of The American Physiological Society.

Doc's Diving Medicine Home Page is dedicated to Undersea Medicine, and to issues of diving safety for both sport and professional divers. Doc is the Dive Physician for the University of Washington Diving Safety Program, and also serves as Diving Medical Examiner for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the United Kingdom.

Ed Friedlander, M.D. has a home page with a useful downloadable link to help you learn medical terminology.

Federation Internationale de Medecine Sportive (FIMS) is an organisation made up of the national sports medicine associations of over 100 countries. It was founded in 1928 during a meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland, of Olympic medical doctors with the principal purpose of promoting the study and development of sports medicine throughout the world.

"We list the sites that list the sites" ... Hardin Meta Directory pages have pointers to the most complete and frequently cited lists in each subject. Site includes a page devoted to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation links. Worth checking out.

HealthWeb provides organised access to evaluated non-commercial, health-related, Internet-accessible resources. Have a look at Muscles In Action. This is a multimedia interactive HTML document which will help medical (and biomechanics) students learn the muscle actions of the human body.

Injury Tracker Injury Tracker is a Windows - based software application designed to assist in the documentation, treatment, research and statistical reporting of sports-related injuries.

Institute for Preventative Sports Medicine (IPSM) is a non-profit research organisation dedicated to the prevention of sports-related injuries and health care cost containment. Its research focuses on finding effective and practical ways to reduce sports related injuries and speed the rehabilitation of injured athletes. The Institute also seeks ways to disseminate its research findings to benefit the public at large.

Institute of Sports Medicine and Human Performance. The Institute of Sports Medicine provides electives in sports medicine and is a training centre for the University of Toronto fellowship in sports medicine programs. Research and continuing education are vital aspects of the Institute of Sports Medicine to improve the quality of care for athletes nation-wide. Through the division of sports medicine's educational, research and service programs, a regional resource for sports medicine care is being established.

Medical World Search If medical resources are what you're looking for online this data base should be right at the very top of your hotlist. It has a very intelligent search process which automatically tacks on a variety of synonyms onto the keywords that you use. These 'add-on' synonyms are extracted from its' database of 540,000 medical terms. Resources you can expect to find include articles from prestigious medical journals, definitions, images and case studies.

Medicine in Sports Pages on the Web A collection of Medicine in Sports related Pages on the web. They are continually researching other web sites and immediately update this page with new found information.

Multimedia Medical Reference Library includes useful information such as the home pages of medical schools in the United States and abroad, medically oriented journals and magazines on-line, medical images and movies, medical audio clips on numerous topics for downloading, medical software that includes demos, and reviews of software for downloading in biology, chemistry, and physics, hospital on line, and topics of interest in different aspects of medicine at various medical schools. There also is a Journal Club on the web featuring summaries of medically-related articles, other medical literature resources on the web, a comprehensive listing to the table of contents of hundreds of science-related journals and newsletters. And if that is not enough, a visit to the Digital Anatomist Program will keep you busy for hours (interactive atlases of the brain, brainstem, and thoracic viscera). Link to the The Dissectable Human Body Project of the U.S. National library of Medicine.

National Sports Medicine Institute of the United Kingdom In these pages you will find details of the work of The National Sports Medicine Institute (NSMI) and information about sports medicine and exercise physiology.

Pharmaceutical Information Network This commercially-sponsored site offers information about pharmaceutical products, therapeutic treatments for specific diseases, and current research. It provides access to several condition-specific discussion groups and frequent updates.

Sports Medicine Australia Since its inception, SMA has evolved from being a professional organisation representing members' interests to an organisation that serves sport, and the participants involved, through a multi-faceted approach. This shift in focus is a reflection of the growth and evolution of sports medicine as a multi-disciplinary health science.

Sports Med Web This project is a non-profit, educational site designed for endurance athletes.

The first Italian site for Sport Medicine specialised Physicians.(Istituto di Medicina dello Sport CONI - FMSI Bologna Direttore Prof. T. Lubich Scuola di specializzazione in Medicina dello Sport )

Steadman-Hawkins Clinic  World-renown orthopedic clinic, Vail, Colorado.  Source for medical resources, information on common sports injuries, anatomy, strength and conditioning, stretching, links to other web medical resources.

Testosterone Source This site, which is operated by pharmaceutical manufacturer SmithKline Beecham, provides information about testosterone supplementation and product use.

Web Space is a comprehensive site focused at individuals in physical therapy and related fields. The site provides information and links regarding aspects of physical therapy including Orthopaedics, Osteopathy, Rehabilitation Equipment Suppliers, Sports Medicine/Sports Science and Physical Therapy Journals, and Specific Musculoskeletal Injuries. · Homepage
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