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This is the Web version of a free e-mail based sporadic publication of technology related items for professional Kinesiologists.
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Welcome to the first issue of"MOVING TOGETHER". As my footer says the purpose of this electronic newsletter"is nothing other than a personal try to share / create a collective wisdom in the area of technology as it impacts professional Kinesiologists." I am using "Kinesiologist" in the broadest sense as anyone who is interested in "the study of human movement". To that end I would think that items appearing here will also be of interest to the health field practicioner who is interested in human movement.
I am eclectic so even I am not sure what will appear, however, most enteries will be short and current. If you have something to share, an axe to grind, or even a product to sell, let me know and I will see if it will fit the developing tenor of this publication. Because my current infatuation is the Internet that bias will be showing, however, in no way should this newsletter be thought of as being confined to Internet related topics. Anywhere that technology and human movement interface is fair game for discussion.
This issue will be short as I want to get going and at the same time work out some of the bugs of electronic newsletter publishing. Bare with me and we will have some fun together. I have chosen the name MOVING TOGETHER to denote a collection, a unity of wisdom and experience as well as a celebration of the joy of human movement. Items will be catagorized into a number of areas to help you navigate through this publication.
At present this mailing list is being maintained by hand so if you get multiple copies of this issue please let me know and I will do my best to eliminate duplicates.

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"Of all the sins of technology, arrogance is the worst."
-Marty Modell (e-mail: ir001264=AT=interramp.com)
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KEN'S NOTE: I will try to review and feature at least one World Wide Web Site in each issue.

Sport Information Resource Centre

"An international leader in sport information since 1973, the Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) identifies, collects, organizes and disseminates information about sports, fitness and related fields", so says their introductory sentence. And it is true, this data base is the largest in the world. Any literature review would likely be incomplete if you did not take advantage of this extensive collection. But don't expect to get your search for free. This site will provide you with the contacts and information that you need to take full advantage of their commercial products.

They do maintain a nice listing of contact organizations in:

-Sport, Physical Education, Recreation and Tourism Organizations
-Sport Information Organizations
-Colleges and Universities with Physical Education, Sport Science & Related Programs

Their finest give away and one worth bookmarking is their International Conference Calendar. This is a second-to-none resource with listings of conferences throughout the world. Their diligence on this project is evident. Everyone one else on the net should just give up and link their would be calenders to this clear winner.

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From: Matthew Gary Kirschenbaum
Subject: NEW: electronic thesis/diss site

This is to announce a new web site I have developed for on-line
references and resources related to electronic masters theses
and doctoral dissertations (ETDs) in the humanities, including a
directory of such work currently in progress:

http://osi.lib.virginia.edu/ ediss/ediss.html

If you are a graduate student now at work on an ETD, please
stop by and fill out a short form describing your project
(available off of the "currently in progress" page). The
information you provide will be added to the site's on-line ETD
directory, which I hope will serve as a resource for other
graduate students who are in the process of seeking approval
for such work.

I'd also like to hear from anyone who might have other
suggestions as to the content or potential uses of this site. I
envision it as a sort of clearing-house for ETD materials,
including pointers to on-line initiatives and guidelines,
publications, services, archived mailing-list discussions, and
other relevant humanities computing materials. Some of the
pages are stretched a bit thin, as ETDs have not attracted as
much attention as other forms of scholarly electronic
publishing; if you know of any ETD resources that I have not
included, please tell me about them; also, please check back from
time to time as the site expands.

Potential audiences include not only graduate students but also
faculty who want to make informed decisions about supervising
an ETD, as well as librarians, administrators, and publishers.
I have tentative plans to innaugerate a mailing list devoted to
this topic as well.

Please forward this announcement as seems appropriate, and
please excuse cross-postings.

Special thanks to the University of Virginia Library's On-Line
Scholarship Initiative and Special Collections Deptartment for
providing server space. Comments should be sent to me at the
address below.

Matthew G. Kirschenbaum University of Virginia
mgk3k=AT=virginia.edu Department of English
http://faraday.clas.virginia.edu/~mgk3k Electronic Text Center

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KENS NOTE: The text for this citation is from their Web Site and is not an unbiased review.

LL Bean's Park Search.

Welcome to L.L. Bean's Park Search(TM). Now you can browse nearly 900 national parks and forests, state parks and other great outdoor locales across the U.S. from the comfort of your home.

The Park Search's clear, fact-filled summaries and handsome photos will help you plan trips and vacations by showing you ahead of time what to see, what to do and when to go. You'll find great spots for paddling, cross-country skiing, camping, fishing, biking, hunting, hiking, rock climbing and many other popular outdoor sports and activities. You will also get information on your destinations' addresses, fees (if any), and amenities (picnic facilities, visitor centers, etc.).

Park Search is easy to use. It lets you search our nation's parks and forests by region, state, name, activity or service, all organized on a single page.

Selecting certain geographic locations, the season, the activities and services desired narrows your search. If you would like to browse a wider range of parks, do not specify as many variables.

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Subject: Balance: Fitness on the Net

This journal features articles on fitness and general health, as well as
letters to the editor. Recent issue's Table of Contents includes:

* The First 5 - 10 Minutes Of Exercise - Why Is It So Hard?
* Warm Up For A Smart Start
* London Marathon 1996 - The Hottest Yet
* Common Sports Injuries That Require Specialist Treatment
* Building A Better Back
* Is Your Aerobics Class Safe?
* Yoga In Your Home (Part 8)

Issues are available on-line, free of charge, on a monthly basis.

Editor: Howard Jardine. Email contact: balance=AT=hyperlink.com

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FROM: Edupage, 21 May 1996

Whereas telemedicine has hit several bureaucratic barriers in the civilian world, it's been smooth sailing in the military, where issues such as interstate medical licensing don't matter. The aircraft carrier George Washington, stationed in the Adriatic, is equipped with a radiography unit made by Fuji Medical Systems USA that can transmit X-ray images to Navy hospitals in the U.S. for diagnosis and consultation, and a mobile Army unit in Bosnia is now has the same capability, sending its images to U.S. military hospitals in Europe. (Investor's Business Daily 21 May 96 A8)

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FROM: INNOVATION, 29 April 1996

The U.S. Air Force and California-based Cyberware have developed a body scanner that can measure a person's size and shape in 15 seconds. It's used in fitting military clothing and equipment. (Wall Street Journal 25 Apr 96 A1)

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This publication is a collection of bits and bytes that I assemble as I wander about on the Internet. If you have notes to share send them to me, Ken Daley.

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Moving Together is not an official publication of Maharishi University of Management. It is nothing other than a personal try to share / create a collective wisdom in the area of technology as it impacts professional Kinesiologists.

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