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"If we can look back on this period of history in a few decades when the information revolution has matured, we would probably be struck by the sharp contrast between the world we left behind and the world we have created"
-William E. Hall, Technology Forecasting and Social Change
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KEN'S NOTE: I will try to review and feature at least one World Wide Web Site in each issue.
REVIEW OF: Sports Technology Hotlist
This page contains links and documents describing systems and research that apply computer technology and other advanced technologies to sports and the sports industry.

The Sports Technology Hotlist
http://www -white.media.mit.edu/~intille/sports-technology.html

Computers have already had a major impact on the world of sports. As computers get faster, smaller, and better at understanding perceptual input, we are certain to see radical new sport technology applications emerge. This page is dedicated to tracking some of these changes. How is technology used in sport today? What new applications are on the horizon? What are the research problems that must be overcome to usher in the next generation of sport technology?

While primarily focussed on computer technology, this site will also include information on other sport technologies, such as the use of advanced materials in baseball bats. Further, articles on the tension created by using new technology versus maintaining old tradition are of interest. Finally, some fields, such as the interactive entertainment industry, are so closely tied to the future of sports that related information and links may appear here. Links to the pages of sports teams and other team-specific information (other than technology they may use) will not be added.

For a short while, the information in each section may be a bit unorganized, but that will gradually change. Suggestions on ways to make the organization better are welcome. Thanks for your patience!

This site is only as good as its contributors. If you are interested in sport technology and come across an article, product, research paper, or information source, please send me email and I will add it the information here. If you find an article or piece of info, have a clear source of reference, and can fax it to me, I will scan it in and put the actual text online.

Stephen Intille
Research Assistant
MIT Media Laboratory
Fax: 617-253-8874

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KEN'S NOTE: Paula Summit puts out an e-mail based newsletter on Physical Education. Here is how to get on her list.

Physical Education Newsletter
Paula Summit

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FROM: Culture in Cyberspace, 6/3/96


Wake Forest University will give each of the 1,000 incoming
freshmen a laptop computer with Windows 95 and other software,
including Lotus Notes. This effort is a key part of the University's
academic overhaul, dubbed "Plan for the Class of 2000".
According to Computerworld (5/27/96), the idea is for professors
and students to develop online discussion groups and to publish
classroom information. Other planned uses are automating course
registration and using secure e-mail to transmit student grades.
Students will also have a quota of pages to print on various network
printers located around the campus.

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AFP Sports Report
Reporting sports news 'round the clock--and in six different
languages! With photos, graphics and multimedia features they're
now keeping their eye on the French Open and counting down to the
Olympics. Catch the latest from the European Soccer Championships
or in the fields of cricket, table tennis and golf.

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FROM: NBNSOFT Content Awards--6/03/96

TENNIS anyone?
http://www.ids.net/~mattg/ag assi/agassi.html
http://www.squirrel.com.au/tennisne t/
http://www.ibmpcug.co.uk/~mi chaeld/wta96.htm
http://www.duke.edu/~taro bins/tennis/index.html
http://www.xmission.com/~gastown /tennis/
http://www.sportsl ine.com/u/tennis/daviscup/index.html
http://www.louisville.edu/~ jsjuno01/gaby.html
http://ww w.atlanta.olympic.org/acog/sports/tennis/d-tennis.html
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nutrition-resbul is an open mailing list for subscriptions to the free
monthly electronic bulletin, Nutrition Resources Bulletin. Although the
bulletin is intended for health professionals, food professionals,
researchers, librarians, teachers and journalists, subscriptions are open
to anyone. Nutrition Resources Bulletin (NRB) features information about
new books, pamphlets, audio and video tapes, Web sites and teaching aids.
Topics covered are normal nutrition (healthy eating, life cycle nutrition,
sports nutrition, vegetarianism, cultural and ethnic resources), medical
nutrition (special diets), quantity food preparation, food service
management, food safety, food science and food security.
To subscribe send email to: majordomo=AT=sfu.ca
In the body of the message type: subscribe nutrition-resbul

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One of the highlights of the Dance Links Web site at Purdue University,
compiled mainly from information provided by dance videographer Amy
Reusch, is the University Dance Departments pointers page, a collection of
pointers to over 150 U.S. University Dance departments, as well as
departments in Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, and the United
Kingdom. Dance Links also points to resources related to dance companies,
performance listings, publications, organizations, funding, dance schools,
dancers, and other dance indexes.
http://bohr.phys ics.purdue.edu/~jswhite/dance_links.html

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FROM: Computer Industry Daily, June 10, 1996

Gartner Forecasts Internet Future

Gartner Group established a set of Internet scenarios and assigned
probabilities to their coming about. Scenario A proposes that IT
and non-IT barriers to the Internet will break down, network
literacy will be the norm, and bandwidth and powerful systems will
be available at affordable prices. This scenario was assigned a
10% probability of occurring. Scenario B predicts that "network
computing, with infinite applets and plug-ins operating over (an)
unsecured and uncontrollable infrastructure, (will make) the
Internet unmanageable and dysfunctional" -- probability 30%.
Scenario C foresees "the appeal of universal connectivity and
access to people and information is overwhelmingly compelling and
will continue to drive Internet growth in a rapid upward trend" --
probability 60%. Gartner also expects the network computer will
find only "incremental markets" with a 60% probability.

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FROM: Computer Industry Daily, May 30, 1996

Software Helps Avoid Carpal Tunnel Probs

ErgoSentry for Windows alerts users to many orthopedic problems
associated with pounding on computer keyboards. The program
signals users of dangerous trends in either repetitive keyboard or
mouse movements or failing to take regular stretching breaks. One
of the developers, Brian Gould, suffered from carpel tunnel
syndrome and arthritis himself. The software offers tips on
exercises for vulnerable muscles and on other health issues. The
Bureau of Labor statistics expects 500,000 people in the US will
suffer repetitive strain injuries this year. The cost in medical
expenses and lost work will exceed $20 billion.

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FROM: Computer Industry Daily, May 31, 1996

Video to Drive High-Speed LAN Demand

Sage Research found that the major demand driver for high-speed
LANs (HSL) will be adoption of video applications. Almost 54% of
175 network professionals surveyed indicated that their companies
plan to add realtime video to their current networks by 1999. The
study further discovered that 72% agree that their primary network
goal is to support delay-sensitive traffic such as voice and video
over LANs by 1999. Respondents were about evenly split over the
question of whether Fast Ethernet or ATM would be the medium.

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FROM: Edupage, 30 May 1996

A consortium of education groups wants to recruit 100,000
computer-knowledgeable teachers, each of whom would be willing to volunteer
time this summer mentoring five other teachers on how to use technology in
the classroom.
http://www.ustc.org/21stcentury/ ( USA Today 30 May 96 1A)

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FROM: Culture in Cyberspace, 6/10/96


The Public Broadcasting Service has built an excellent web site
filled with rich content. Details associated with "Nova", "Front Line",
"The News Hour with Jim Lerher", and many, many other great
shows are available. In fact, there is so much that a user could feel
overwhelmed. A solution to this is now available: PBS teamed with
Personal Library Software Inc. last week to allow detailed searches
of the more than 25,000 pages of PBS material at the site. The
PLWeb search engine is available from the PBS home page as
well as from within the various content areas.
PBS: http://www.pbs.org

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FROM: Edupage, 4 June 1996

NBC is planning a new cable TV show called "Scan" that will focus on how technology affects people's lives, with IBM tagged as the new program's exclusive worldwide sponsor. In return, IBM will own the show outright and maintain final editorial control. The show will air on NBC's CNBC cable channel in the U.S. and on its network channels in Asia, Europe and Latin America. (Wall Street Journal 4 Jun 96 B1)

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FROM: Edupage, 4 June 1996

Netscape president Jim Clark says: "I've been talking to the
telecommunications companies and telling them that it's the future. It
represents the first fundamental change since the telecommunications system
was invented. The biggest change up to now was when the telephone moved
from a rotary dial to Touch-Tone ... that's really a small change compared
to this." (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 4 Jun 96 F3)

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FROM: Computer Industry Daily, June 5, 1996

Glove Provides Carpal Tunnel Relief

Surgeon Mark Eberbach did not find ergonomic keyboards or carpal
tunnel release surgery effective against repetitive stress
injuries, so he developed his own treatment. The solution is
elegantly simple and low cost. The SoftFlex glove costs just $22
and effectively eliminates the external pressure that causes the
pain associated with "carpal tunnel syndrome." The glove consists
of two soft foam cushions on either side of and parallel to the
median nerve at the wrist. When users rest their wrists the pads
absorb and divert the pressure, so the median nerve is not
compressed. A research study of volunteers who suffered numbness
and pain symptoms indicates the effectiveness of the device.
More than 75% became asymptomatic after wearing the glove for six
weeks. The results were most dramatic for severely symptomatic

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