Will Hopkins, Physiology and Physical Education, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ

Top story in Sportscience News by far is Seiler and Sailer's article about the gender gap. It's getting wider, not narrower, and you heard about it first right here at the Sportscience website!

It's great to have John Hawley on the team at last, and with his own column, Train Gain. He and Louise Burke, our CompEater, will be featuring excerpts from their forthcoming book in their columns over the next few months.

We have another PhD report and another conference report. More of these, please! And there's another great History Maker from Frank and a huge newsletter from Ken. It's a great issue!

I keep promising a better interface for the Forum page, but it doesn't happen! We need someone with the skill to work in the language of Web servers. Meanwhile... only the last 25 messages to the Sportscience mailing list are now displayed when you go to this page, so it will be quicker to load than before. You can still dial up more messages from the form at the bottom of the page, when it has loaded. I've asked to improve their output by adding check boxes, so you can retrieve selected messages in a batch.

No movement on the Journal this time around. We'll start a drive to get more top people onto the advisory board shortly. I simply won't take no for an answer. This journal is going to happen, definite-lee! (Afrikaans)

On the Research Resources page you'll find a useful article about who should get their names on a paper, and in what order. Plus there's useful notes and images for first-time users of PowerPoint. But the biggest thing at our site--over 2 megabytes!--is now a stats book, the culmination of many years of work and thought by moi. An entirely new approach to stats, packed with original material, and written in an inimitable direct style.

Aero wheels reduce air resistance at the high speeds of road cycling, but are they any good for mountain bikes? Find out in the latest review on the Training & Technology pages. There's an update on Breathe-Right strips, too.

A BIG addition to the Net Links page is a complete list of sites for Journals. The links pages have been reorganized too, thanks mainly to Alfred Zommers. The training links will be upgraded for the next issue by Mary Ann Wallace. Contact Alfred and Mary Ann at about new or outdated links.

Net Search has a new search form from Healthgate for free Medline searches. It's faster, and you can choose output for importing straight into Endnote or other reference managers. But they've left the author's initials off the search form, which can be a real pain!

Want images off the Web? We were going to include the Lycos search form for images, but ran out of time for this issue. There's a link to it on the page where we deal with image searches, plus a great site for images of top athletes at Atlanta (described by Stephen Seiler as the "mother lode").

Hey, last time I forgot to put the SPORTPC mailing list on the search form for Email-list messages. It's there now. This list is very useful for computer technology in sport and exercise. Search there first, and if you can't find what you want, post a message there.

I inquired about getting SPORTDiscus for sponsored searches at our site. The chief exec at SIRC, the organization responsible for this invaluable resource, decided we would have to pay them US$0.80 per reference that any of you downloaded. That's just for the abstract and bibliographic info, folks, not for the paper itself. Too expensive for a sponsor.

New team members since last time: Andy Doyle, Mary Ann Wallace, Joe Friel, and John Hawley. See how they fit in with the rest of the team on the Contact Us page. I must make special mention of the contribution of Mary Ann Wallace and Jason Nugent for this issue. With a few more obsessive-compulsives like these two we could take over the world. Thanks, guys, and thanks to the team generally for a great job. · · Homepage · Copyright ©1997