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This page contains original material for teachers, researchers, and research students of sport and exercise science. Submissions are welcome.
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How to Use PowerPoint
Will Hopkins

Use this outstanding Microsoft program to make slides, posters, and questionnaires. The documents are even Mac-PC interchangeable! How to Use PowerPoint 4 will get you started on versions 4 to 7 much quicker than the manual or on-line help.

Last updated 26 April 1997

Create an Effective Poster
Will Hopkins

     The main resource is text and graphics updated from a poster I presented at the 1995 annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. I present the material here under the following headings: background, concise content, plain language, clear graphics, few tables, relevant numbers, big plain fonts, color, visual impact, and software & mounting.
     View the resource on screen or download a zip-compressed version in rich text format. You can also download a zip-compressed file containing two templates for creating poster panels with PowerPoint 4: one each for landscape and portrait orientations of the panels.

View the resource (14K + 126K images).

Download the resource (118K).

Download the PowerPoint templates (12K).


Last updated 26 Feb 1997

How To Give Talks
Will Hopkins

     This package consists of lecture notes, a slide show, and a short humorous sketch on how NOT to give talks. The lecture notes and slide show have been used in my 300-level course on research methods in exercise and sport science. The sketch appeared on an e-mail list on the Net in 1996.
     The lecture notes cover the same topics as the slide show, but in more detail. The topics include:

The talk itself: preparation, delivery, hardware
Question time
The slides: content, figures and tables, charts
For the audience
For the chairperson
Examples of transparencies and slides

     View the lecture notes directly on screen or download a top-quality printable version. The slides have to be downloaded.

View humorous sketch (4K).

View lecture notes (21K + 23K images).

Download lecture notes (35K).

Download slides (PowerPoint 7) (141K).

Download slides (PowerPoint 4) (134K).


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