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Stephen Seiler, Institute for Sport, Agder College, Kristiansand, Norway 

Sport science is a dynamic, interactive field and is trying to keep up by making this site a more unique and valuable resource to the sport science community.  One of the issues we struggle with as a group is how to better integrate research with application.  For example,  we want to present articles that explore the realities of putting theory and principle into action, within a strong scientific context.  We think this website can be an ideal forum for scientists and coaches to learn from each other.  But to make this work, the coaches and consultants who are working with the top teams and athletes have to help.  We introduce the concept with an article on the training methods of Evander Holyfield, World Champion heavyweight boxer.  One of our own "staff,"  Dr. Fred Hatfield, has been responsible for the conditioning aspects of Evander's training in recent years.  This month he presents Evander's program in detail for you to examine.  I hope this is just the beginning of a nice series of in-depth evaluations of training methodology from expert coaches all over the world.

 Sportscience News this month is dominated by conference reports.  We present separate reports from the XII FINA World Swimming Conference, the 10th International Conference on the Biochemistry of Muscle, and the Training and Competing in the Mystery Zone meeting, a USOC-ACSM one-day summit held earlier this summer.  Among our column features, Louise Burke's Compeat sports nutrition column this month explains why the simple-complex classification system for carbohydrates should be replaced with the glycemic index for the athlete planning nutritional strategies.  In History Makers, Frank Katch describes a groundbreaking experiment in nutrition that had far-reaching implications.  Thousands of lives were saved and the controlled clinical trial was born.

 On the Research Resource page, Will Hopkins has come up with a new way to analyze crossovers that takes into account (and estimates) any learning effect. It's much better than using a paired t test.

 Does it help to take baking soda before a high-intensity event?  Lars Mc Naughton and colleagues present the evidence on neutralizing acid to enhance peformance, on the Training & Technology pages.

 Net Links is constantly being revised and updated. Owners of several sites have approached us re inclusion on our links pages. Our policy is to include sites that we believe add to the body of knowledge, but to exclude sites that promote only their own products or services.

 You can now search all the pages of this site via our own search engine. It's still a "beta" version. The bugs will be fixed by mid October.

 In recent weeks we have added several excellent people to our Sportscience team. Ross Sanders is a sports biomechanist with special interest in skill acquisition and swimming. He joins us as as a contributing editor.  Stephen Goodlass is a doctoral student from the University of Otago. He is torn between biomechanics and information technology.  Here he can combine those interests. Finally, sport science student Giannis Giakas joins us as a webmaster. Check out who we are. · · Homepage · Copyright ©1997
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