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Editorial: Page Numbers for Sportscience. Easier to cite than a site. Nov 28
Clinical Significance and Decisiveness. Make better inferences. Nov 28
Updated Endnote Journal Abbreviations. Less errors in references. Nov 28
Calibrating Metabolic Carts. Save on calgas. Nov 28; updated Dec 7.


Impact Factors of Journals in Sport and Exercise Science, 2000-2003 . Will Hopkins. An assessment of the latest ratings. Nov 25; updated Nov 28



How to Interpret Changes in an Athletic Performance Test. Will Hopkins. Article/slideshow on smallest worthwhile changes, the best tests, and making sense of the results. Nov 25
Christopher Gore. Nov 25
David Pyne. Nov 25
An Introduction to Meta-analysis. Will Hopkins. Article/slideshow on quantitative systematic reviews of original research. Nov 25
Bias in Bland-Altman but not Regression Validity Analyses. Will Hopkins. Bland-Altman plots are misleading for method comparisons. Nov 29
Alan Batterham. Nov 29



Effects of High-intensity Training on Performance and Physiology of Endurance Athletes. Carl Paton and Will Hopkins. Gains of ~8% with some forms of resistance training. Nov 26
Carl Foster. Nov 26
Philo Saunders and David Pyne. Dec 2

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