Will Hopkins, Physiology and Physical Education, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ

Our second issue, and we're now flying along. No real developments on the Journal yet. We're gradually building up an editorial advisory board. Enquiries welcome. Contributions for the various pages would also be very welcome: reviews for Training & Technology, articles for the News, and more Research Resources.

Top story in Sportscience News is this report from the Australian Institute of Sport on how thick a professional cyclist's blood should be before it is "unsafe" for him to compete. All credit to the Union Cycliste International for coming up with this clever way of discouraging athletes from using EPO. Trouble is, the team from AIS think the limit is a bit unfair.
     Don't miss CompEat for up-to-the-minute (well,.last month, actually) nutritional info from a conference and an amusing first-hand account of Asker Jeukendrup's PhD viva.
     If you want to make Web pages, and haven't a clue what to do, check out the instructions and template for writing an article in Sportscience News. The hardest part will be downloading Netscape Gold or Claris HomePage 2.

We still have the same interface for viewing sportscience email-list messages on the Forum page, but to speed things up, we've switched the output format to terse. Now you won't get the first few lines of each message underneath the one-liner list of messages. If you still want those extra lines to help you decide if the message is worth linking to, go to the bottom of the lower frame and change the output format to verbose. Narrow down the range of dates while you're at it. A better interface is on the way.

Our new Research Resource is advice on how to create an effective poster for a conference. Get a kick start by downloading the templates for making the panels with PowerPoint.

Breathe-Right Nasal Strips: Fred Hatfield has read the research, consulted his colleagues, and submitted his opinion to peer review. Read the outcome on the Training & Technology pages.

Alfred Zommers' computer was stolen last month, along with several updates for the Net Links pages. His choice of the few new links is Medical World Search, which finds Web pages using several databases.

Three goodies in Net Search.
The main one is a search form for email-list messages, using the interface. You can now search through messages sent to SPORTSCIENCE since last October, ATHTRN-L since last November, PTHER since Jan 24, AEROBICS since Feb 1, and ISCPES, SPORTPSY, and SPORTSOC since the middle of February. AMSSMNET is supposed to have joined by now. The owners of BIOMCH-L have not yet agreed to allow their e-mail list to be used, but we are hoping they will.
     There is now a form for Medline searches on the Journal References page. Should make your searches easier and more reliable. There's also a link for Sport Discus, but it's not very good or free. Still working on this one. Meanwhile Medline does most of the sport-science journals.
     I've refined my method for finding images on the Web and put it next to the Altavista search form. If you have a better method, please let me know and I will install it there, with credit to you.

Lots of new team members. See who we all are on the Contact Us page. We still need some big names in the various disciplines for the editorial advisory board. We also need a few more newseditors (ability to write well essential) and webmasters (interest in creating web pages essential; ability desirable). · · Homepage · Copyright ©1997
Last updated 13 Mar 97