Will Hopkins, Physiology & Physical Education, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ

A lite late summer issue!

All our pages now have a narrow blank frame on the right. This frame takes up the slack when you change the width of your browser window. The idea is to constrain the width of the main central frame, to make the column of text therein easier to read. If you prefer a wider central frame, click and drag on the divider between the central and right frame.

Top story in the News: the long-awaited Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science is to be published at this site over the next few months. See the preview by its editor, Tom Fahey. We need more webmasters to help put it on the Web, so please contact if you have the will to learn and access to a good computer. Other news: ACSM conference reports by Stephen Seiler and by Mary Ann Wallace, and my thoughts on Web publishing by academics.

A big addition to the Research Resources pages is a guide on creating and publishing Web pages. It's based on Claris HomePage 2, which you can download for free trial on a Mac or a PC (running Windows 95 or NT). I've also added links to the guidelines on scientific style and writing literature reviews that have been on the Journal page since we started. I've updated the stats book a lot since the last issue, too.

No new reviews for Training & Technology for this issue, but we have an update on Strength Shoes consisting of correspondence with the manufacturer and another abstract. My conclusion: still too many question marks over this training aid.

The Net Links have been thoroughly revisited, revised, and reorganized by Alfred Zommers, Mary Ann Wallace, and Carolyn Petersen. Thanks, team, for a great job. The main links page now has a link you can click on to allow you to bookmark the page, complete with our navigation frame on the left. The bookmark will save you having to go via our News page when you want to look up a link.

Net Search also now has a link you can click on to allow you to bookmark the main Search page. It will save you one round of linking when you want to use our pages to search for something. There is also a new page for searching for images on the Web, with the Lycos search form.

New team members: Tim Noakes, Tom Fahey, Ross Sanders. We need more high-profile people on the editorial advisory board, more dynamic researchers as contributing editors, and more Web-keen people to become webmasters. And if you can do all three, you can be the next general editor. The aim is to have a rotating editorship to reduce the risk of editorial overuse syndrome and to give more variety to the philosophy and style of the site. · · Homepage · Copyright ©1997