July-Aug 1997

NEW at This Site. A beginner's guide to creating and publishing Web pages, completely updated links pages, other minor items, plus the news below.
The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science, edited by Tom Fahey, is coming to this site.
Academic Co-operatives for Web Journals are promoted by Will Hopkins in the build-up to the launch of the Sportscience journal.
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The latest newsletter features a site of Medline sites, self-teach modules about the Net, several new educational sports sites, and much more.
Reports on the Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, Denver CO, May 28-31, 1997.
ACSM 97: Hard Facts on High Intensity, High Heat, and High Altitude from the Mile-High City, by Stephen Seiler. Health, aging, and obesity were in focus, but us human performance folks did not leave disappointed!
ACSM: A Peak Experience. Mary Ann Wallace on the obesity epidemic, cycling, tapering, nasal strips, supplements, more...

Instructions and template for writing an article in Sportscience News.
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