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 Volume 3 · Number 2

  April-June 1999 

Noakes vs Whipp on hypoxic muscles: see the report on the ACSM annual meeting.

 a slideshow on confidence limits presented at the ACSM meeting.

Update on sex in ANOVA and new features in the spreadsheet on confidence limits in A New View of Statistics.

 News and Comment


New Host, More Commitment? by Will G Hopkins.

Conference Reports

Polarized Training and Hypoxic Muscles by Will G Hopkins. Highliights of the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine.


Symposium on Altitude Training and Research at Flagstaff by Natalie B Harlan. Bridging the gap between science and coaching in the field of altitude training.


Amino Acids and Athletic Performance by Andy M Stewart. A mini conference in Oxford on glutamine, branched-chain amino acids, creatine, and the overtraining / underperforming / underrecovery syndrome.


Moving Together: Newsletter #24 by Ken Daley. Knee anatomy with the Virtual Surgeon, upcoming sport technology conference, database of research references, NIH plan to host biomedical research, Sports Illustrated for women...

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