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Encyclopedia IndexThe Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science has three new articles. In Sudden Death and Exercise, Tim Noakes explains the paradox of the short-term increase and long-term decrease in risk of death associated with exercise. David Swain provides a sound theoretical framework for a practical method to enhance cycling performance by varying output power in Cycling: Uphill and Downhill. My article on Training: Quantification in Competitive Sports outlines issues in the measurement and analysis of athletic training and includes downloadable PowerPoint questionnaires and other forms for recording training data.

Sportscience NewsWe have four articles on a diverse range of topics in the News pages: In Ice Jackets are Cool, David Martin and colleagues from the Australian Institute of Sport report on development of a pre-cooling strategy that helped Australian athletes at Atlanta. Ferret reports on a newly discovered gene for human performance, the possibility of a blood sample being frozen away for improved drug testing in the future, a biased review of strength training, and what tests are worth doing on competitive athletes. This month's History Maker by Frank Katch reminds us that even in the past it was not uncommon for scientific research to be accepted without adequate review. Justus von Liebig dominated the field of chemistry in the early 1800s and proposed theories about the role of protein in exercise, yet never performed experiments to test them. In spite of this, his theories were accepted until experiments by others proved them wrong. Ken Daley's newsletter has his usual mix of useful links and news, including an item on the retention of copyright by authors of scientific papers.

Research Resources IndexThe only addition to A New View of Statistics this issue is a brief note on how to represent a confidence interval using the ± sign. See the second paragraph in the example. And don't forget last issue's cool way to convert a p value into confidence limits

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