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  2003 new training site for distance runners. positions in exercise and sport.

In A New View of Statistics: slideshow on repeated measures, with the "hats" metaphor for random effects.

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 News and Comment

 In Brief

Finding Out What's Known Will Hopkins. Oct 31
Writing Pre and Post Will Hopkins. Oct 31
Impact-Factor Update and Put-Down Will Hopkins. August 1
Testosterone Talent Test? Grant Tomkinson. June 14


A Spreadsheet for Analysis of Straightforward Controlled Trials. Will Hopkins. Transformations, individual responses, effect sizes, clinical chances and more for data from a controlled trial, crossover, or time series. Oct 31.
Updated 7, 13, 27 Nov. Slideshow uploaded 27 Nov.
  Comment on A Spreadsheet for Analysis... Alan Batterham. Oct 31


Impact Factors of Journals in Sport and Exercise Science, 1999-2001. Will Hopkins. The latest ratings, and an assessment of differences and changes. May 9



Precooling for Performance in the Tropics. Matt Brearley, James Finn. Cool off before an endurance event in the heat for gains of a few percent. Dec 31

  Comment on Precooling for Performance ... Gord Sleivert. Dec 31


Dynamical Systems Theory: a relevant framework for performance-oriented sports biomechanics research. Paul Glazier, Keith Davids, Roger Bartlett. New approaches to analysis of sports movements. Feb 2

  Comment on Dynamical Systems Theory... Simon Bennett. Feb 2

 Original Research


A Model of Wind and Altitude Effects on 110-m Hurdles. Joshua Spiegel, Jonas Mureika. A simulation study aimed at adjusting race times. Dec 31

  Comment on A Model of Wind and Altitude Effects... Nick Linthorne. Dec 31

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