Jan-Feb 1998

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Ferret joins us with a new column, hyperhydrating with glycerol, guidelines for tapering before competition, the carbohydrate depletion dilemma, measuring reliability, fitness assessment software, and more. 
Wrestlers' deaths, slap-skate update, freezing field tests, reliable rowing, review of sports vision.

TrainGain by John Hawley 
aper for Endurance Athletes: methods and benefits of reducing training before an event.

CompEat!by Louise Burke
Carbohydrate Depletion - Is it for You?  Popular in the 70s, this strategy just might work.

History Makers by Frank I. Katch
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794) paved the way for future studies in metabolism, nutrition and exercise physiology.

Moving Together by Ken Daley
A review of fitness assessment software, sport-related internet sites, and more.

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