The first two years of the Sportscience journal/site

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Sept-Oct 1998

History Makers: Russell Henry Chittenden · Making a Splash: VIII International Symposium of Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming · Ferret: Basketball Home Advantage, Monitoring Ironman Performance, Acquiring Skills, Worth the Risk? · Moving Together: Universities world-wide, lecture notes, electronic journal support, disabled sports in Ontario, volleyball discussion lists...

July-August 1998
Performance Enhancement at ACSM 1998 · ACSM: Limits to Sport Performance · Ferret: African Genes; Just Do It; Ethics of Data Sharing · Cross-Training: A Misnomer · Carbohydrate Intake for Athletes: Grams or Percent? · Coaches Apply Biomechanical Tools to Evaluate Sport Techniques · Frederick Gowland Hopkins · Moving Together: Stretching videos online, health information directory, fitness/weight loss, martial arts and judo sites, PowerPoint resource links...

May-June 1998
Lift or Drag in Freestyle Swimming? · Countdown to Orlando · Ferret: Palm-top Blood Lab; Abdominal Exercises; Beefing up to Win · Pacing strategy · Pre-event Meals · Francis Gano Benedict · Moving Together: Everest on line, citation styles, research-grant sources, sport-related bibliographies, world facts, general fitness...

Mar-Apr 1998
Clapskates at Nagano · Bodybuilding as an Olympic Sport · Winter Olympics - A Tale of Two Countries · Ferret: Ketogenic Diets; Disordered Eating; Fatigue Fracas; Sit-up Put-down; Practice Strategy · William Beaumont · Moving Together: women's sports news, resources for recreation professionals, teaching gymnastics, a translation service on the Web...

Jan-Feb 1998
Ferret: Wrestlers' Deaths; Slap-skate Update; Freezing Field Tests; Reliable Rowing; Review of Sports Vision · Taper for Endurance Athletes  · Carbohydrate Depletion ·  Antoine Laurent Lavoisier · Moving Together: fitness assessment software, sport-related internet sites...

Nov-Dec 1997
Coca-Cola Preferred by Top Endurance Cyclists ·  Resistance Training and Endurance Performance ·  Swimmers: Body Fat Mystery! ·  Edward Smith ·  Video training software, top fitness web pages, and more.

Sept-Oct 1997
A report of the first annual USOC-ACSM human performance summit ·  XII FINA World Congress on Swimming Medicine ·  A report from the 10th International Conference on the Biochemistry of Exercise ·  Conditioning methods of world champion boxer Evander Holyfield ·  James Lind ·  Understand and use the glycemic index.

July-Aug 1997
The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science ·  Academic Co-operatives for Web Journals ·  Medline sites, self-teach modules about the Net, new educational sports sites ·  ACSM 97: Hard Facts on High Intensity, High Heat, and High Altitude from the Mile-High City ·  ACSM: A Peak Experience: the obesity epidemic, cycling, tapering, nasal strips, supplements and more.

May-June 1997
The Gender Gap ·  The methods of one of the great coaches, Arthur Lydiard ·  The biennial meeting of the South African Sports Medicine Association ·  Visual skills and visual awareness help elite hockey players  ·  Physiologist A.V. Hill ·  IV or not IV? ·  Climbing Everest, kids' Olympics, and a US Govt-sponsored "health finder" site.

Mar-Apr 1997
The low-down on nasal strips; making posters; making Web pages; finding sport images; a search engine for email-list messages ·  Blood Testing for Professional Cyclists ·  Speedskaters Get New Skates ·  Claude Bernard ·  Nutrition News from the Netherlands ·  Access to unpublished military reports on sport and exercise science ·  The European College of Sports Science.

Jan-Feb 1997
Welcome to Sportscience ·  Get Involved at This Site ·  Tighter Control on Skiers' Use of EPO ·  National Conference on Technology in Physical Education and Sport ·  Thinking Out Loud" in Orienteering ·  August Krogh ·  Paris conference on Periodicity of Eating.