May-June 1998

Susie O'Neill in the 200m Freestyle
NEW At This Site   A new biomechanics column, ACSM preview, pacing strategies, pre-event meals, repeated measures, and other topics.

BioMech: Lift or Drag?   Lift or Drag? Experts accepted lift as the main propulsive force in freestyle swimming, but drag may contribute more.

Countdown to Orlando. New perspectives and controversial issues at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. Palm-top Blood Lab; Abdominal Exercises; Beefing up to Win; New Coach, New Plan?

Train Gain: Pacing by John Hawley. Pacing: A Matter of Strategy. Is even pacing the most effective race strategy?

Compeat!: Pre-event Mealsby Louise Burke.  Pre-event meals: What you eat during an endurance event overrides what you eat before it.

History Makers: Benedict by Frank I. Katch. Francis Gano Benedict (1870-1957) investigated effects of diet, temperature regulation, and exercise on metabolism.

Moving Together by Ken Daley. Mt. Everest on line, citation styles, research-grant sources, sport-related bibliographies, world facts, general fitness, and more.


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