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Encyclopedia IndexIn our last issue, we began publication of The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science, edited by Tom Fahey.  We've added a few more articles and refined our index and search mechanism for them.  Heat Acclimization by Lawrence Armstrong comes just in time for the summer season in the northern hemisphere.  Roy Shephard's article, Aging and Exercise, looks at a number of physiological changes that take place as we age including energy consumption, oxygen intake, and training response.  Tom Fahey contributes an article on Adaptation to Exercise which discusses systematically stressing the body and the effects of inactivity on muscles. And we've also added Ankle Acute Injuries by Karim Khan and Peter Bruker.

Sportscience News Mar-Apr 1998The annual American College of Sports Medicine conference is taking place within a few weeks, and  Countdown to Orlando takes a brief look at a few topics I chose from the schedule. I've added links to related articles on this site.

Ferret reports on a high-tech portable instrument to test body fluids, follows up on abdominal exercises, looks at the increasing size of football players, and more. If you have an item of interest to pass on, send a paragraph or two to

Is there a "best" pacing strategy to follow in a competitive event?  John Hawley takes a look at studies examining the effects of different pacing strategies in his latest Train Gain column.

Does eating carbohydrate before a race improve or impair exercise performance?  Louise Burke, in her CompEat column, addresses this question with an update on using the glycemic index to choose pre-race meals.

Our History Maker, Frank Katch, highlights the contributions of chemist Francis Benedict. Using the Atwater-Rosa respiration calorimeter, Benedict and Atwater conducted over 500 experiments concerning rest, exercise and diet. In addition to investigating effects of exercise on metabolism, Benedict, with fellow colleague Harris, published metabolic standards tables.

From the biomechanists on our team, we have a brand new column that explores issues and topics related to biomechanics.   Ross Sanders leads off with the first article, Lift or Drag? Let's Get Skeptical About Freestyle Propulsion.

Ken Daley's newsletter points us to Mt. Everest on line integrating exercise physiology and technology, citation reference sites, information for young scientists looking for grants, fellowships and other sources of support, and links to a general fitness site.

Training & Technology IndexWe're still in progress on our next article for these pages.  If you haven't had a chance to read the most recent review in training & technology on creatine, check it out.

Research Resources Index In A New View of Statistics, Will has started a page explaining how to use mixed modeling to do repeated measures with the Statistical Analysis System.  It's based on a talk he'll be giving at the ACSM meeting in Orlando.  There are links to several examples of data and programs ready to run. He'll be adding more soon.

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