July-August 1998

NEW At This Site  Encyclopedia update, altitude exposure for sea-level competition, conference reports, cross training, video analysis for coaches, and more.

Performance Enhancement at ACSM 1998: a selective review of the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine.

ACSM: Limits to Sport Performance. Overtraining, triathlon research, competing in heat, and other topics from the American College of Sports Medicine's annual conference. African Genes; Just Do It; Ethics of Sharing Data.

Train Gain by John Hawley. Cross-Training: A Misnomer. Training in an athlete's primary sport is usually more effective than cross-training.

Compeat!: Carbohydrate Intake for Athletesby Louise Burke. Carbohydrate Intake for Athletes: Grams or Percent? How to fine tune dietary energy requirements.

BioMech  Coaches Learn to Use Video Analysis. A sport-science component of a coaching program enhances performance.

History Makers by Frank I. Katch. Frederick Gowland Hopkins (1861-1947), winner of Nobel Prize, pioneered studies in nutritional biochemistry and experimental physiology.

Moving Together by Ken Daley. Stretching videos online, health information directory, fitness/weight loss, martial arts and judo sites, PowerPoint resource links, and more.


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