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 Volume 3 · Number 3-4

  July-Dec 1999 

Altitude, colostrum, and other highlights of the Fifth IOC Congress on Sport Sciences. See the conference report.

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 News and Comment


A More Practical Site by Will G Hopkins.

Conference Report

Performance Enhancement at the Fifth IOC Congress on Sport Sciences by Carl D Paton and Will G Hopkins. Highlights of the recent international meeting in Sydney.

In Brief

Ace Gene in Doubt · Hypoxic-Muscle Update

Research Resources

Analysis of Expired Air with GasCalc by David J Egan. An Excel spreadsheet for analysis of energy expenditure and substrate utilization.

Endnote Abbreviations and Styles: Files for Sport and Exercise Journals by Will G Hopkins. Use these files to make a formatted list of references for publication.

Workshop on Grant Applications and Other Scientific Documents by Will G Hopkins. A handout from a local conference.


Moving Together: Newsletter #25 by Ken Daley. Jobs sites, scholarly sport sites, new sport cyber-journal, make your own sports bar...

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